W Korea Features Gorgeous Besties Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In in Couture Spread

It’s a match made in high fashion heaven for W Korea magazine to bring together top Korea stars and real life close friends Yoo Ah In and Song Hye Kyo for a pictorial. Both are at the top of their game and peak popularity, and one of the few very public guy-girl platonic friendships in K-ent. Yoo Ah In just signed on as the male lead opposite Im Soo Jung in tvN drama Chicago Typewriter, and he has a long record of acting opposite older costars and pulling it off with no awkwardness. With Song Hye Kyo, she’s just five years older than Yoo Ah In but I can’t see the age difference at all whether in looks or aura, they match so well the high fashion edge.


W Korea Features Gorgeous Besties Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In in Couture Spread — 41 Comments

      • what should i know? You talking about DOTS? I’ve watched it already, their chemistry was not so great. i didn’t understand all the hype about DOTS at all. it was just like every other typical k-drama

      • If you only know something based on rumors, than you’re the one who’s singing different tune ^^

      • If only you read their W Korea interview right now, pal.. if only you know.. you’ll be surprised ^_____^

      • She is most likely not his type and that’s OK. I had no clue they were so close but you can tell they are very close friends even in these editorial pictures.

      • @clover @shalom @laura
        What should we know? Please give us a clue. LOL
        I read some of SHK’s interview at W, she stated that no man and woman could be only friend. So what’s matter with her relationship with YAI or SJK? As far I remember, YAI is like her brother and they share the same ethics works about their freedom to choose projects that’s why they chose UAA rather than bigger agency
        I hear rumor about YAI as gay, but at Studio Concrete, there’s some pics of YAI with Jung Yumi. People said they’re close frie d but those pics reminding me with couple pics. Idk,maybe YAI is a bi?

      • yeah…if only they know…YAI is just a brother to her…and it’s different with SJK who is someone more special to her…

      • Sorry for the confusion. I’m referring to the sentence YAI is better than SJK in every term, which I take as personality wise too. Hence my words. As for career and acting wise, everyone may hv their own preference and that’s fine. Both are good actors that’s undeniable. For SS shippers? Let the time tell. But if you are soooo….curious, just go to SK or find someone from their industry to tell u ^^ If u can’t, believe it or not its really up to each individual.

        As for the real comment, echoing koala and friends up and below, gorgeous and stunning! Sophisticated and elegant! But yes, YAI robes better stay inside magazine only, lol.

    • Since someone had to clarify things…
      Both YAI and SJK are just little brothers to her. Song Hye Kyo is always more specific in her magazines interviews; and according to her recent interview with W Korea she’s indeed close to them (as she shares the ssme agency with one, and she did a drama with the other), but she is just a sister to both of them. Nohing more.
      The SongSong shippers (as they have only two neurons, one for dreaming – seeing couple things in everything – and one for shipping – which is actually a synonym) ignore the interview and are twisting her words as always. These SongSong shippers are as crazy as SeGa couple shippers. Tragic.
      Therefore, there is Nothing new to know. (Song Hye Kyo may or may not be in a relationship, but I don’t think she would make it a source of entertainment.)

      • …a source of entertainment. Her behaviour towards SJK last year actually proved that she doesn’t even see him as a man, that is as a potential lover. She was also very comfortable with Cha Tae Hyun years ago – and he had a girlfriend at the time.)
        I wish people stopped shipping her with any Tom, Dick or Harry.

  1. It is seldom to see two equally beautiful bff together. SHK is so beautiful and YAI is so handsome. They fit international beauty.

  2. SHK is so gorgeous. She’s truly one of Korea’s representative beauty. I want them to star in a drama or movie. SHK-YAI after all came from the same agency.

  3. Yap for me YAI is way better than YAI in acting and appearance but he had never reached the same popularity as what SJK enjoying now.

    • He is huge in Korea, his level is on par with SJK in Korea, though he’s not the Hallyu star level (but he doesn’t want to, so he picks different drama styles). If you want to compare acting achievement, then so far Yoo Ah In won.

      • SJK has potential, but he’s not as idealistic as YAI. I can’t imagine YAI would pick Kim Eun Sook’s drama.

    • Agree, in terms of acting skills, achievement and charisma, YAI won. SJK is the hallyu star material but YAI is the Korea’s Chungmuro blue chip aka movie star.

  4. So beautiful… Song Hye Kyo always makes a masterpiece out of her pictorials. And YAI and she have both such expressive, powerful eyes.
    I can’t wait to see Kyo in a new movie/drama…

  5. Why people have to compare YAI and SJK ? I mean the both of them are great actors. But in their career, SJK has two years to catch up…

  6. I hope he doesn’t sport this haircut for long… it’s sooooo short
    I don’t really see the chemistry as such…mostly they look gorgeous individually

  7. He’s friends with a lot of actresses and he looks great with all of them. No point in comparing SJK with YAI, they are great actors in their own right, plus they are great friends.

  8. There’s no point in comparing YAI and SJ. Both are talented.

    Btw I love these photos. They do look good together but there’s no surprise there because SHK and YAI always manage to look good with everyone. I’m not a shipper because I don’t see them being more than just close friends but it’d be nice to see them in the same drama or movie.

  9. i will never understand why fans compare actors and actresses with each other.each of them has their unique qualities and charms and its a matter of a person interest and perspective of deciding whom to be a fan of.they are even friends too.

    yai cut his hair short for military service.

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