Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Scores a Ratings Hit in Premiere Weekend

It’s a hit right off the bat for new Fri-Sat cable network jTBC drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Friday’s premiere started off with an impressive for cable 3.829% ratings and Saturday’s second episode rose another 1.9% to hit 5.758%. This blows away the competition over on tvN as Tomorrow With You has stalled at 1.839% for Friday’s episode and dropped to 1.122% on Saturday. I’m about to watch the first two episodes so I don’t know if the drama is actually good to merit the ratings but I’m going to assume so since Tomorrow With You has top stars as leads but the ratings keep dropping along with viewer disconnect with the directing and writing. I like to think male lead Park Hyung Sik suffered through playing second male lead in the disappointing Hwarang because he was promised this drama, lol. 


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Scores a Ratings Hit in Premiere Weekend — 35 Comments

  1. As much as I love Park Seo Joon I admit Park Hyung Shik was more charismatic than him in Hwarang, and don’t even mention Go Ara, she was the main reason I dropped the drama lol late in ep. 14

    • I could not agree more. I came to watch Hwarang for Park Seo Joon but Park Hyung Sik was the one making me stay. Except for Go Ara, the rest of the casts acting were pretty decent but PHS totally stole the thunder from everyone and the boy simply cut out for sageuk. I am glad he will find wider recognition with SWDBS being this good and hopefully keeping the momentum till the end. Hwarang was good in the beginning but totally lose its ground by the mid-half.

    • I think it’s mainly the writing because Seo Jun’s character is just so bland when compared to Hyun Shik’s complicated one that his development outshines others.

    • Totally agree, fresh ,hilarious, good cast … a beautiful surprise ! TWY is a total failure i term of ratings, even Introvert Boss did better this week.

  2. I need some light hearted fun. I dropped Introverted Boss after episode three or four and didn’t feel the need to pick it up again, despite the script changes. After Goblin I wasn’t in the mood to pick a new drama. So, looking forward to this.

  3. This drama is so fun ! It mixes really well the cute with Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik and the dark with crimes (I wonder if the bad guy is Ji Soo).

    I want to watch the rest for their relationship development and for the investigation.

  4. Tomorrow with you is really good, realistic show but I can see why it fails to attract viewers. The pace is quite slow (like a japanese drama) and some things were predictable but I love the story it is trying to tell and both actors are doing a great job with theirs characters so it’s a shame ratings are that low 🙁

  5. It’s here? I remembered the dates wrongly. Thanks for the article. I have been in a drama slump since Weightlifting fairy ended.

    The preview has been a hoot.

  6. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is great, you should definitely try it, koala!

    It’s funny and all the actors are doing a wonderful job (also Park Hyung Shik has great chemistry with Park Bo Young), and even a bit scary in parts. After all the disappointing dramas recently, this and Rebel are my dramas for the week.

  7. Just for reference
    Tomorrow with You, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Voice air in three different timeslots so they do not compete with each other
    I watched all three dramas and they all have their charms.
    I enjoy Tomorrow with you and I am sad to see the rating dropped every week. Maybe the pace is a bit slow? :((
    Just finished watched the first two episodes of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and I am so glad that I find my happiness pill for the next few weeks.
    Haven’t find any drama that I crazily waiting to watch after Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo.
    It was so fun to watch that my eyes glued to the screen for 2 hours straight .
    The ratings is well-derserved. I think it will continue to jump higher next week. The casts will have to keep making a new rating promise lol .

    Voice is really thrilling and it comes to an end soon which made me nervous. Hope it will end well.

  8. I haven’t watched SWDBS yet. I’ll give it a try. TWY finally hooked me at the end of episode five. Episode seven had me shedding a few tears.

  9. I love love love this. I’ve been on a drama slump since Goblin. Everything is perfect. Park Bo Young is indeed gem and oh so adorable. And Hyung Sik has awesome chemistry with her. Not forgetting Jisoo !!

    The cast is fantastic the writing and directing is also good so far. I hope it doesn’t go into angstville co it’s so fun !!!

  10. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is fantastic. Immediately hooked. I love the quirky theme of this drama. Sure, Park Bo Young is a great actress and a seasoned one tbf but Park Hyung Sik totally kills it as well and so as Ji Soo. All the cast rawk their characters. And partially, SWDBS benefited from the recent wide acknowledgement that PHS received from Hwarang. When so many hooked and later on frustrated with how his character being unjustified in Hwarang, a lot turn to SWDBS for solace and thank goodness the drama is gold. And PBY is too cute to be true.

  11. I love episode 1 watching still and liking it!
    But I love tomorrow with you as well – no disconnect here for me both story and directing is working- I’m actually very invested in both Marin and soojoon and find them endearing

  12. i like the first episode so funny, but little bit slow in second episode,the second male little bit too much (i don’t know,maybe the characters is like that, or the acting) and sometimes it remains me with protect the boss mix with asterix and obelix in cute way. i love the dramatics comedies especially when bong soon fight,so cute.

  13. It’s abit sad though recently, Jtbc drama used to be have more quality drama than TVn but except several case when heavy stuff that bring quality matters, It feels they are always fall short in rating compare to tvn. But once Jtbc create a fluffy drama like SWDBC, the rating is quite high. They are now in the mood something light maybe.

  14. The storyline is hideously childish. This drama writer has mixed Superman, Heroes, Matrix, CSI into a bag and pulled out this drama. The bad writing in episode 2 stood out like a sore thumb. However, there’s plenty of eye candy and thank goodness PBY is the lead actress.

  15. Strong Woman is hilarious and all the characters are fun so far (I love all the leads!).. It’s outlandish but embraces it. I don’t usually watch the slapstick feel dramas, but the mystery will even it out I hope.

    I also hope they will work on scene transitions because sometimes I wasn’t sure where I was (time/place wise) because things were happening in a haphazard manner.

  16. I am starting Strong Woman tonight, I got to really like Hyungsik when I saw High Society, which sorry to her fans, am not a big Uee Fan, but love Sung Joon, the reason I watched HS, but I dropped it early because I got bored, then luckily I decided to finish it and was so glad because the secondary couple’s relationship and PHS’s acting was just a beautiful thing to watch. I also just heard Eunji’s song for SW, it’s beautiful, so am not surprised at the ratings.

  17. I’m just gonna say it; without these actors, I think this would be a bit of a train wreck, but the leads plus Ji Soo are great so I’m watching it. The icky predator story line is jarringly out of place though.

  18. The chemistry between PHS and PBY is off the chart, even in press conf. Ji Soo totally looked like a third wheel. LOL
    Strong Woman is so fun to watch. Love the cast!

  19. I love everything about the show. Please let it be consistently good until the end. Park Hyung Sik is so amazing and he rawks his quirky and zany character to the max. And now I understand the hype around Park Bo Young. She is so cute, lovable and a great actress.

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