Lee Min Ho is a Tall Drink of Perfection as First Male Star to Land Cosmo Korea Cover

I can’t thank Cosmopolitan Korea enough for this nearly perfect new spread featuring Lee Min Ho. It’s everything I want from his visuals which I never get from his drama role stylings, effortless chic and plenty masculine. He’s also the first male Korean star to land the cover of Cosmo Korea, quite a feat and such a smart move for the magazine with his huge female fan base. Too bad he’s still never seen wearing socks with his shoes but it’s not terribly distracting here, what with my eyes devouring his beautiful features and hair I just want to rake my fingers through. The magazine made him the center of the frame without wasting a location shoot as he’s arrayed against a backdrop of rather desolate winter views.


Lee Min Ho is a Tall Drink of Perfection as First Male Star to Land Cosmo Korea Cover — 21 Comments

  1. I don’t get his appeal. His look and his acting are mediocre to me but I understand that we all have different tastes

    • I don’t think his looks are mediocre. In fact, he looks quite different from the average Korean which is why he stands out from the many good looking men in K showbiz. This and an amiable personality have won him popularity and fans.

      His acting skills are however mediocre at best. LMH suits comedy but anything serious, he lacks gravitas.

    • +1

      I noticed that a lot of times it depends on the character the actor plays, if I find him attractive. With Lee Min Ho I just never saw him playing a character, that appealed to me. For example I’ve seen Brad Pitt movies for the last 20 years and he is pretty to look at, but he never appealed to me, because non of his character ever did. I saw Russell Crowe in Gladiator and after that in L.A. Confidential. I still think he is hot.

    • That’s of course depends on the taste and personal preference clearly. And that’s the very reason for some don’t get his appeal and charisma. But as everyone knows his appearance and personality is loved by millions of people around the world. So he must possess an appeal which some don’t see at all, to receive that kind of popularity and unbeatable fame making him standout from the rest. He is tall, tanned skinned and mascular which makes him differ from (some) other korean celebrities known to be handsome. And some people likes usual male korean beauty with so white skin, little, not so masculine face and medium sized bodies. So they won’t find lmh even a little bit handsome. But no one need to doubt it cause he must have an unseen charisma(in your eyes) cause already somany find him as beyond average handsome. That’s why it says taste differs. Lol.

  2. Very average photoshoot. Only first pic is somewhat OK, and what is he even trying to do in that third pic with goggles…

  3. But there are things called “invisible socks” now, right? I mean it’s been at least 5 years since I’ve known of its existence… Maybe it’s a generation thing, the appeal ~


    • Agreed. I think he’s got a lot of electric charisma in a scene, with or without a partner. He’s got amazing cheekbones, a cute personality (at least the one he reveals to the public), he’s funny and he’s an all around hard-worker. He is on the go constantly doing a spectrum of things, including helping draw travel and tourism to his country. His work there alone should be credited against his time in the service IMO.

      Thanks to whoever did these pics.

  5. That’s the thing, he is all male. He may not be the most handsome or cutest in Kbiz but for me, he is sexy, good looking and watching him makes my heart flutter. He’s eye candy girls!!!

  6. Hi! Myra here from the Philippines? Certified Lee Min Ho fanatic!? For me, adjectives are not enough to describe him?????????????? I want to know where can I order the mag since it will only be sold in Korea….please do me a favor where to secure a copy of it????? Thanks much & more power!???

  7. I used to must watch his dramas. His FAITH and City Hunter introduced me to K drama. I even enjoyed Personal Taste. But after the Heirs and The Legend of the Blue See, he somehow lost appeal to me given that I’ve found so many other acting talents more interesting to watch in the industry. Like Jun Ji Hyun, he became predictable. I expect a deserving hallyu star to have something up his sleeve to amaze his fans each time watching his new drama, someone like Jang Hyuk, regardless of the quality of the rest of the drama.

  8. I wasnt much of a fan. But i love watching him in Heirs. Also his movie Gangnam blues proved me he is a fine actor. I so didnt care about JJH in The Legend of the blue sea just wanted to watch this gorgeous man.

  9. Effortlessly handsome, awesome and gorgeous! To Those who don’t get his appeal or charisma, guys , you need not to coz you’re obviously non fans… Just leave him to us, we love him to the max!???

  10. His charisma is unbeatable and awe inspiring. But this pictorial don’t do much justice to that. They could take the photoshoot more better. Ayway he is so manly. And truly handsome.

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