Hyeri Confirmed for Joseon K-movie Water Monster with Kim Myung Min in Talks as Male Lead

This sounds like a potentially fun new K-movie in the works, even if the casting keeps with the current trend of pairing together an established critically acclaimed veteran with a popular young thing still learning the acting ropes. Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri is making her big screen debut in a splashy way with the sageuk supernatural comedy movie Water Monster (Mulgae). It’s the story of a Joseon King dealing with a water monster in the palace and being forced to move the capital, and dealing with a shadowy faction seeking to undermine him. Kim Myung Min is in talks to play the King and I can’t imagine a more perfect casting of powerful royal authority and subtle comedic touches. So far only Hyeri is confirmed and it might not be a bad thing for her to work with a movie director and one of the best actors of the generation.

A period movie dealing with water monsters totally reminds me of Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon which was totally a fun romp. Hoping Water Monster brings the spooky and sleek underwater thrills and adds a compelling narrative above the water.


Hyeri Confirmed for Joseon K-movie Water Monster with Kim Myung Min in Talks as Male Lead — 8 Comments

  1. I don’t know she’ll fare in movie land, but after watching her in Entertainer, she doesn’t strike me as a very good actress. She might be excellent at playing herself, but not other more diverse roles. Just wondering at the thought of the role going to a more experienced and seasoned actress…

  2. I think Korea is running out of young actresses. One second, and you know that she’s awkward on the screen. But I’m hopeful that the director knows how to hide that.

    • nope, theres a lot of young actreess with enough acting capability. It just they like to cast idols members.
      Hyeri is ok. not good, just ok..

  3. I really don’t buy the haters’ excuses that Hyeri was just good in Reply 1998 because she was just being herself. Hyeri and Dukseon were somewhat similar, but I don’t think of them being the same. Dukseon had worn clothes and made decisions and gestures that Lee Hyeri won’t do if it was her.

    I don’t think the problem in Entertainer was her acting. I should know because I watched the drama myself. The love line plot was quite poor, especially because Hyeri had undeniable chemistry with Min Hyuk. In my unsolicited opinion, they could’ve just made the age gap a problem within the drama so it could be easily dealt. I don’t think it was a good move to ignore their age within the drama because in reality, it really matters to a significant portion of the society.

  4. I really can’t wait to watch this drama…Hyeri is a very good actress for me I just love the way she act in reply 1988 n I know she will do better in this drama too…I wish she will be as popular like the other actresses..I know this is a beginning for her in her career as an actress…wish her all the good luck n be the top actress one day…Thank you for letting us share our opinion

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