Rain and Kim Tae Hee Share Their Love with Fans in Bazaar Korea Pictorial

The magic of pictures is the ability to elicit an emotion without saying a word. In that sense the third and latest picture from newly married K-ent couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee‘s first pictorial together says a all the positive emotions needed to showcase their love. While the pictorial for Bazaar Korea is titled Ordinary Couple which we know these two are anything but, I like to believe their love is as ordinary as can be in it’s sincere simplicity. The picture above with them in bed, Kim Tae Hee laying so sweetly on her husband’s head, it’s effortless and so utterly beautiful. They really saved all the goodness for when it means forever rather than parade around their romance before making it permanent, and I thank them for sharing with fans.


Rain and Kim Tae Hee Share Their Love with Fans in Bazaar Korea Pictorial — 17 Comments

  1. sweet couple and may God bless them.btn i genuinely want to know the couples that parade their relationship in public in korea.i always thought every celebrity couples in korea are low key.they refrain from displaying affection towards each other in public so as not to anger their fans and not to receive criticism from the public, korea being conservative and all that.this is the reason why they dont bring their partners to various functions to walk the red carpet together and also dont even mention their boyfriends and girlfriends name when giving their award acceptance speeches.

  2. Loved them. Rain is a man of words and focused, watched interview in Time magazine wants to marry at the age of 30 dream come true: to a perfect match. I wish and pray for their everlasting married life. God Bless to the Couple to have beautiful, healthy children soon?

  3. Koala, hands to you( claps). Really appreciate these articles , of married couples artists, hopping others artists that feel forced to hide their relationships, that the exposure is the best way of dealing with irresponsible unreasonable delusional fans, that act and believe the artists have to live theirs life’s the way they(fans) determine, and also to stop dishonest, insecure so call artists, since they do not believe their talent can hold or gain fans, that behave in a way, to mislead fans and make them believe they own them, with disgusting lies and stages dates, and fans service and more. It is not the easy way, but it is a need and necessary way, so both, the artists and fans, will stop leaving in fear, and enjoy each other and the work they do in a healthy way.

  4. It’s so strange that they aren’t holding each others hand which would be so natural.
    I know it’s just a photoshoot, but their bodylanguage is just simply strange.
    Anyway, I wish them a happy life together and lots of gorgeous babies.

    • I feel that too, they look awkward as a married couple which is a complete opposite of what I get from Ahn Jae-hyun and his wife.
      Other that that Bi and KTH look amazing.

    • There were many offcam moments where their hands are glued together always. They thought there were no cameras around.Maybe the “theme” of their photoshoot is different. just comfy and happy vibes for the couple. Tagged as low-key couple bcoz they never show off or parade their romance as koalas said 🙂

  5. Kim tae hee was no doubt very pretty but i think shes getting more prettier after marriage. Rain is adorable and charming here but very hot nd sexy when he’s on stage. Admire them individually b4 and im happy tho surprised at first that they became a couple. Wishing you both a happy married life and hopefully with ur baby soon.

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