Lee Min Ho Hosts Documentary Highlighting DMZ Nature Preserve

Lee Min Ho and nature fans alike will enjoy the upcoming special combing the two as the popular Hallyu star hosts a documentary on the beautiful nature preserve in the DMZ. The Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Korea is home to landmines and a temperate wildlife abundant miles long habitat home to many species include some rare and and exclusive ones to the region. Lee Min Ho took time out of his busy schedule to film this documentary since 2015 so it’s over a year and a half in the making, and will hit the screens next month. He’s not getting paid for it and views it as a labor of love and a tribute to protecting Korean wildlife and sharing it with the world.


Lee Min Ho Hosts Documentary Highlighting DMZ Nature Preserve — 9 Comments

  1. Lee Min Ho always strike me as mediocre actor but he definitely impressed me in Legend of The Blue Sea, being the one to carry the show. But I have always like his off-screen personality. He came off as a real gentleman and seems like a genuine sweet guy who happened to have a good look to match that warm personality.

  2. Just to be sure… does the DMZ still contains landmines? aka those that will blow up if you step on them accidentally? I wonder if its safe to actually step foot in the DMZ
    But from the pictures it seems like a really beautiful place

    • i’m not sure, it’s quite likely. from what i understand, i don’t think people can actually visit DMZ casually. from the south korea side, there are actually DMZ tours for visitors which are escorted by soldiers. i went for it and it’s really interesting and educational, though it’s more historical and political than anything nature.

  3. i have a huge respect for him. Even knowing the danger there he did it without getting paid, Taking some time off from his busy schedule. Facing the very cold temperature. He has shown so much dedication in this project.

  4. Awww… even if Lee Min Ho (1987) as an actor is one-note and his filmography is unimpressive, he seems like a nice person. He is bringing awareness to the biodiversity of fragile ecosystems to many people, how cool is that! Hopefully after his service he will take on new challenges in acting and prove that he’s not just a handsome face. He did a good job in LOTBS even if that drama wasn’t that good..

  5. LMH is one actor who gets better as he matures. His drama, LOTBS was good, well crafted, no scripts has ever been perfect, but the story kept us interested. His acting was great, his versatility shines through…
    This DMZ project is one noble way on his part to do and present the situation, many of us has never known before, that without monetary consideration for his efforts. I so admire him…

  6. Though anyone can enquire his acting ability, talent or even appearance there’s no doubt about his personality. He is truly a great human being from many aspects which only haters don’t see. That’s why he is always beautiful in many people’s eyes no matter how other celebrities become popular and famous. And his nice character is the reason for his undying and irreplaceble popularity.

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