Tears Shed Over Injured Min Hyuk in New Drama Stills for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Things are simmering along nicely on jTBC Fri-Sat night drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, with the minor quibbles greatly outweighed by the overall enjoyable fun of a rom-com with a serial killer twist. The tonal shifts in the drama are jarring except done intentionally so the viewer is toggling two interesting plot genres, though most if not all are there to watch Bong Soon and Min Hyuk bicker and hang out with each other. This is one love triangle where I have zilch connection with the second male lead Kook Soo getting the girl, even if I like him as a character which I do, it’s not as a serious contender in the romance aisle. It’s all OTP for me as the cute pint-sized Bong Soon finds love in the most unexpected yet wholly believable way. In the new stills from the drama, she cries over Min Hyuk who appears to get hurt, nothing says I care about you than tears for a fallen man.


Tears Shed Over Injured Min Hyuk in New Drama Stills for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon — 8 Comments

  1. I always get excited about the new development of this drama. Love it in every entertaining aspect. Even the static stills deliver focal points interesting enough for me to tune in new episodes. That’s how capable talented actors can do to pique viewers’ curiosity even when they aren’t presented in dynamic moves. Their physical and facial expressions are sufficient to make the point of what you may expect from the plot. I love the cast, specifically the OTP, to bits. PHS and PBY are the best.

  2. The drama just makes me smile and that’s pretty much enough sometimes. The OTP is so adorable! I would be pretty disappointed when I have can’t watch them be cute and happy lol

  3. When the second male lead is dressed like a canopy I am all for the female lead to actively look elsewhere, urgently even…

  4. “Kook Soo” hahahaha! I love this drama. It’s so funny but has it’s emotional moments. Sometimes cheesy, but I am really enjoying it.

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