Gong Hyo Jin Slips into New Balance Sneakers for Elle Korea

Spring is here so go strap on the running shoes and enjoy the fair weather outside. Elle Korea has a new pictorial with Gong Hyo Jin featuring New Balance sneakers, and like everything she tries on it looks just right for her. The sneakers are shown in white, turquoise, and red, with Gong Hyo Jin lolling around a hotel room in different outfits paired with the sneaks like she just too fabulous to head outside. She’s one of the rare K-actresses with unlimited style confidence, even when something she’s wearing doesn’t look conventionally pretty she still wears it like a diner trying a new restaurant out. Last year she did Incarnation of Jealousy and usually does one a drama a year so I’m excited to hear what drama she may be in 2017.


Gong Hyo Jin Slips into New Balance Sneakers for Elle Korea — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks Koala to update about her, she is stunning as always, GHJ eonni, my bae…

    well, she is really tired, last year she did one drama and 2 movies and CF too, and I don’t think she will come back to drama in 2017, maybe in 2018 or something 🙂

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