Nam Ji Hyun in Talks to Join Ji Chang Wook in Suspicious Romance Formerly Called Beware of this Woman

Here’s hoping third time’s the charm in the leading lady casting for upcoming SBS drama Suspicious Romance, formerly called Beware of this Woman or Be Careful of this Woman. Aside from the drama title change, the casting of the female lead is now onto the third iteration and I like this one a lot – Nam Ji Hyun has been offered the role and is nearly close to confirming. The role was first out to Lee Sung Kyung, then to Han Ji Min, and now Nam Ji Hyun, making me thoroughly confused as to the role because these are three wholly different actresses in aura, acting ability, and age differential. Through this all the leading man has stayed confirmed in Ji Chang Wook, so this drama casting saga reminds me so much of the SBS casting carousel for The Girl Who Sees Smells in going through Suzy, Kim Ji Won, before landing perfectly with Shin Se Kyung.

Suspicious Romance really has no problem inking male leads as Missing 9‘s resident psycho killer played by Choi Tae Joon has also signed on. This drama is slated for Wed-Thurs starting in May following Saimdang: Light’s Diary.


Nam Ji Hyun in Talks to Join Ji Chang Wook in Suspicious Romance Formerly Called Beware of this Woman — 19 Comments

  1. isn’t she too young to play his love interest.. There are so many talented actresses out there that are age appropriate to Play Ji Chang Wook’s love interest.. What up with all these weird age gaps with couples in K dramas recently??!!!

    • they have like an 8 year difference, that is not that big compare to recent age gaps. JCW usually gets noonas, it is about time he gets someone younger.

    • She’s not a minor, and is a very good actress, why not give a talented young actress a chance to pair with your beloved oppa?

    • She’s 22 this year. I dont understand all of these complaints about her age being an issue. She’s a young adult and is capable of lead material. If she was 17 and under then yeah, that’ll be an issue.

      Plus, give these young adult actresses a chance.

  2. They all confirmed.

    Nam Ji Hyun was partner with Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki, Seo In Guk. She is 22, fully adult. She is not too young.

  3. I hope this works out. Overall, I like all the leads. I hope JCW and CTJ have a bromance on the show since they are close friends in real life.

  4. Ji Chang Wook and Choi Tae Joon is good friends, it’s really nice to see them together in a project, I hope this project is a success for them.

  5. Hope she’ll accept the role..age gap is not an issue..look at her last drama..seo in guk is ahead of her for 8yrs but the chemistry is really adorbs..

  6. lmao age is not big. there drama were a old man have love interest with a teen. NJH ating is good so no need to worry about her acting.

  7. Lee Sung-kyung and Han Ji-min have similar auras actually. Both have the “force’ to play dominant women roles (which I presume is required from the original title of the drama). Nam Ji-hyun seems like a little girl in comparison. I guess this is why the drama’s title was changed, to make it more male-centric.

    • Pretty sure Nam Ji-hyun can pull off a dominant woman role if she wanted to. Plus her acting experience far exceeds Lee Sung-kyung. As for Han Ji Min, her acting is a hit or miss, depending on the script. I don’t see what they are really losing out by getting NJH instead for this role.

      • I agree, while LSK can act, but I have no comment specifically on her acting, on the other hand, nam ji hyun is definitely a better actress, considering her short stints on dramas with kang ha neul or kim soo hyun. She is one of the few young actresses who’s an actor, and not an idol or model. So I think she can pull this off, also because she played only sweet girl roles till now [ my father has got a family, shopping king louie], this gives her a chance to extend her acting range.

    • I never found Han Ji Min to have the ‘force’ to play dominant women roles. She’s actually a hit or miss actress. Lee Sung-kyung shows potential. Nam Ji Hyun can definitely take charge. She was fantastic in “Little Girl Detective Park Hae Sol” and she was the dominant one despite being only 17 years old at the time. Fun drama btw.

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