Seo In Guk Enlists on March 28th for Mandatory Military Service

So long for two years to the charming and hardworking Seo In Guk as he shipped out yesterday March 28th to enlist for his mandatory military service. His enlistment was done privately without fans or media present, and all we get is a blurry half face covered video chat still of him with newly buzzed hair. His enlistment was expected and comes at a good time with one cult hit drama Shopping King Louie under his belt. I still remember when he broke out with Answer Me 1997, the first of the hit franchise and for some still the best since there was no love triangle creating fan wars. Godspeed to Seo In Guk as he does his patriotic duty, and may be come back with even better abs, life experience, and renewed energy to tackle his dual acting and singing career.


Seo In Guk Enlists on March 28th for Mandatory Military Service — 6 Comments

  1. i like him in reply 97 and king of savy,and i really love his song for tomorrow with you soundtrack (such a beautiful song),i just hope he come back in save and healthy.

  2. Ack! It has only been a few days since he started his training but I heard that he has injured himself and he’s currently resting at his home ?

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