TW-actress Chen Qiao En Rings in 38th Birthday with Fans and Heartfelt Thanks

The marriage tsunami in TW-entertainment last year had thinned the herd of beautiful single starlets considerably, which means Chen Qiao En is getting pushed to the top of the list right behind Lin Chi Ling now. She seems to not have aged a lick since I saw her in Prince Turns Into Frog back in 2005, the interveneing 12 years have seen her career blossom in Taiwan and Mainland China to make her one of the more prolific actresses of her generation. Chen Qiao En celebrated her 38th birthday on April 4, 2017, choosing to spend it at fan meeting with her very active fan club in Taiwan and then posting a very sweet and heartfelt thanks for all the love and support during her career.


TW-actress Chen Qiao En Rings in 38th Birthday with Fans and Heartfelt Thanks — 7 Comments

  1. I really like Joe Chen. Glad she is branching out from idol dramas with Candle in the Tomb and Empress Dugu. Hopefully she can find her real life prince charming soon.

  2. Happy birthday to Qiao En! I think she is a talented actress. Hope her career will continue to go as smoothly this year and may she also find her own happiness soon (her closefriend Ady An has just gotten married).

  3. I loved her kindness side.I just finished the up idol s2. Don’t worry about being single your not alone.Everythings has a Reason.

  4. From Florida USA
    I like her beautiful and seems a good person. Hoping to see her pair with one of the korean handsome actors like Lee Sang Yoon. Park Han Jae, Chang Hi wook. Song See Hun, or the others handsome Korean actors.

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