Moon Chae Won’s Agency Sues Netizen Claiming to be Her Boyfriend for Defamation

Actresses have to safe guard their reputations even more stringently than their actor counterparts, especially in more conservative South Korea where the ladies are held to a higher standard of personal conduct. Moon Chae Won and her agency have had enough of a K-netizen who for the past year has been posting online that he’s dating Moon Chae Won and then saying tons of negative commentary about her. Moon Chae Won’s agency explained that when it first started they felt it was a typical crazy netizen and he would go away or trickle off but instead the posts have escalated over the last few months so now they have no choice but to undertake legal action to stop him for spreading more falsehoods about Moon Chae Won. Good for her, this is harassment and defamation since she is a famous person so I hope the alleged harasser doesn’t get to hide behind his online anonymity and justice is served.


Moon Chae Won’s Agency Sues Netizen Claiming to be Her Boyfriend for Defamation — 14 Comments

  1. I’m glad she’s stepping up and fighting against the hate. Woman are more likely targets of online harassment than men, and it is not only limited to celebrities. These bullies need to be taught a lesson. She’s a very talented and grounded young lady and I trust her to lead with an example for other girls who may be targets of similar types of harassment.

  2. Oh, Koala you just outdid yourself with that picture XD Her face says it all and sums up my response to this scandal. There are some really crazy people out there and I hope this bully is brought to justice.

  3. That person is totally sick.

    He’s actually been harassing her for 3 years. Since she was still with her old agency, MS Team and also posted bunch of crazy posts on her IG back then (she closed her IG last year). He gets crazier with his posts since no body paid him attentions. The psycho claimed that he’ll be the next 19th President and will break his fingers with military shovel if people don’t believe that he’s dating her.

  4. I’m so glad Namoo is finally suing this psychopath because he has been leaving her very disturbing comments on her Instagram since 2015 and for those shippers of that actress that are very happy about this news even going as far as celebrating and posting on Instagram writing jibberish that she finally has a sex scandal just to try and ruin her image well you evil human beings better watch out and not cross the line even more because her agency is monitoring you all also and you guys will be next if you continue to defame her!

    • It’s not shk fan(I knew you meant her)but crazy shipper especially from certain country.believe me real shk fan won’t behave that way

      • Yes. It’s those SS shippers from certain country. Totally nasty bunch group of people I have ever seen. Like it or not, their behaviours gives bad impressions (on their own bias or should I say, OTP) to the non-fans.

      • yeah but there are also a bunch of moon chae won fans from certain country doing the same thing toward shk even create an account just to bashed her since dots was aired.. i think there’s no smoke without fire

    • @frozen

      No account had been made to bash SHK before DotS and not until after the continue attacks on tons of MCW with hater accounts. You can’t compare 1 hate account opened recently to 10-20 other accounts made by SS shippers since last year or a few insulting posts (which made during DotS time) made long time ago to the non-stop bashing from those SHK/SS shippers with 10x worse nasty comments came from those SS shippers from certain country.

      What no smoke without fire? Always see this kind of excuse coming from the SS shippers for their nasty doings. Anyone who use #moonchaewon on IG will see how nasty those shippers are. I see MCW’s fans as well as Chaeki shippers have been ignoring those nasty group of people but the same thing can’t be said with the other side of shippers. The point here is not who started first but who are mature enough to stop it.

      One more thing, SHK’s fans claimed that those are SS shippers and not her individual fans. It is the same thing with MCW’s fans. Please differentiate between shippers (Chaeki) and her individual fans. That’s it. Not going to reply anymore as I have write what’s on my mind.

      • that’s why.. i hope people also stop dragging other actress name in unrelated article.. this article has nothing to do with kyo or SS shipper

        and are you sure there are only 1 hate account and it opened recently?? because i saw several account from those who said a long time mcw or Chaeki fans bashing shk IG account.. not to mentioned chaeki shipper always play as a victim whenever there are some rude post from ss shipper.

      • I’m quite sure.

        Are you talking about things happened in the past or are you talking about things happening at the moment? As for playing victims, isn’t it the same with you and the fandom who always gave the old excuse to bash MCW with ‘there is smoke without fire’?. Lol.

        No one dragged SHK’s name here other than the one who called herself, her fan.. in response to a post which mentioned about fans of an actress/shippers’ who defamed MCW regarding to this news about the psycho guy. It is related topic.

        Seems like some people have a swrious problem with selective reading.

      • And let me add one more thing.

        People were responding to the news about the psycho guy and Laurie brought up about the defamations regarding this topic by one fandom. Yet it’s you who brought up the old stuffs about the shipper wars in your previous post. What’s with ‘no smoke without fire’ excuse and brought up old stuffs about hater account, IG posts etc. Those things also done by SS shippers to MCW and even worse. So, may I ask what’s your point here? Another excuse to justify the actions done by SS shippers?

        Ok. Will not reply to you anymore as it’s clear where you stand and you might be one of them as it’s obvious from your posts. So, let’s stop here. Ciao.

  5. moon chae won is doing the right thing.suing the psycho will show loud and clear that she has absolutaly nothing to do with him and again to deter other bastards from doing the same to other actresses.

  6. @haha.whether ss shipers are plenty and cheaki shipper is even one.the fact is everybody is at fault because they insult each other bias and it must stop.
    if you start to appportion blame,the other party will also blame you and it will be an endless circle of quarrel and hate which is really unneccessary as song hye kyo and moon chae won are both wonderful actresses, and really respect each other as shk said so in an interval.
    these shipping wars must stop.

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