Beloved Veteran Actress Kim Young Ae Passes Away from Pancreatic Cancer a Month After Wrapping Laurel Tree Tailors

It’s with a sorrowful heart to share the news the veteran grandma/queen level actress Kim Young Ae has passed away today at the age of 65. She’s a senior in age but 65 years old is still much too early for her to pass, and alas her passing was not due to natural causes as she succumbed to her fight with pancreatic cancer. In recent years her memorable roles were as the meany witchy grandma obstacle for the main leads in dramas such as Mirror of the Witch and Kill Me, Heal Me, doing an amazing job at making viewers seethe whenever she came onscreen because she was splendid at being awful.

She was last seen onscreen in February as a veteran cast member of weekend drama Laurel Tree Tailors, which she filmed for 9 months while undergoing chemo for cancer treatment. Her professionalism and commitment to the craft has left a legacy of dramas and movies behind that started over forty years ago when she debuted in 1971, all of which will stand the test of time with her acting. Rest in peace and you will be missed and remembered as beloved in the industry you helped to build for the Hallyu generation.


Beloved Veteran Actress Kim Young Ae Passes Away from Pancreatic Cancer a Month After Wrapping Laurel Tree Tailors — 25 Comments

  1. I remember her from the drama Hwang Jin Yi and as the evil queen mom in Moonlight Embracing the Sun. And her older works like Sandglass and Jang Hui-bin. I’m very sad. I hope she can rest in peace now.

  2. Oh that’s news, may her soul Rest In Peace, she recently filmed with PSH in Doctors, she was such a fine actress… I’m saddened by this news

  3. I was browsing naver and I saw her name was trending, I thought maybe she guested in some show, didn’t know that she died, Rest in Peace..

  4. T_T I remember just watching her not too long ago. She’s always such a superb actress. This is such sad news. May you rest in peace.

  5. she is truly an amazing actress and a lot of her roles are so memorable, like Hwang Jin Yi’s teacher, K’s mother in law in Royal Family, Park Shin Hye’s grandma in Doctors etc. she is my most beloved veteran k-actress…she will always be remembered in the viewers’ heart. May her rest in peace.

  6. I’m truly sorry to hear of her passing, and to know that she was unwell during Laurel Tree Tailors. May she rest in peace.

  7. Such sad news. I am amazed that she was able to film her last role while undergoing chemotherapy. May God comfort her family and fans. She seemed like such an awesome woman

  8. RIP. She was a true artist. Her short appearance in Sandglass struck a chord with me so few other performances do.

  9. I was so shocked and sad when I read the headline last night as I was about to go to bed. I even cried. She was a great actress and will be deeply missed. May she RIP T_T

  10. So sad to hear of her passing. Laurel Tree Tailors just ended, too. I am in awe of her dedication to her craft that she agreed to shoot despite undergoing chemotherapy. She will be greatly missed. πŸ™

  11. Shocked, sad, and respect! She’s such a fine actress that her presence as an antagonist always added a lot of weight to the drama. I’m most impressed by her as the extremely evil queen grandma in the Moon Embracing the Sun.


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