Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun Exude Intensity in 3rd Preview for Ruler: Master of the Mask

Recently premiered MBC Wed-Thurs drama Radiant Office has been less than successful in ratings, and frankly audience feedback hasn’t been positive either. Not sure what’s not working since I’m not watching but I’m definitely keen to usher it off and welcome next drama the sageuk Ruler: Master of the Mask with my baby boy Yoo Seung Ho. The fact that it looks like a sageuk take on The Man in the Iron Mask doesn’t bother me, if creativity and adaptive talent is properly harnessed it can create a fusion work that stands on its own weight. The third teaser has plenty of promising scenes with Yoo Seung Ho in and out of the mask, along with leading lady Kim So Hyun firing on all cylinders. Love it!

3rd teaser:


Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun Exude Intensity in 3rd Preview for Ruler: Master of the Mask — 17 Comments

  1. From what I read knetz seems to enjoying Radiant Office and the rating shows that it gets better every week starts from 3% to 7.4% compare to it’s predessor (Missing 9) last week with a competitor like saimdang and now chief kim is out of the way. I also watch it since the beginning and I really like it.

  2. MBC has been in a huuuge slump for the past year or so hopefully they can get their momentum back. every time I head about this drama, all I can think is.. PLEASE BE GOOD.PLEASE BE GOOD.PLEASE BE GOOD.

  3. I understand this article is about Ruler:Master of the Mask and I hope it does well. However as someone who watches Radiant Office, I find the remark on the show somewhat unfair. As a commentator earlier said, RO has been increasing in ratings and maybe my view point is subjective but I think it is a gem of a show. It does not have a very “popular” cast, but the story definitely has more depth and trajectory than some shows that are currently running.

  4. Honestly, i like Radiant office , the friendship between the interns is awesome. I discovered a good actress. As for Ruler MOTM i must overcome the fact that kim so Hyun was the child version of YEH in “I miss you” the love interest of Yoo Seung Ho. Time sure flies. Poor kim So Hyun who was a huge fan of YOOCHUN.

  5. RO might not have hit early teens in the ratings but its ratings have been steadily improving since it started at around 3%~ I like the pacing, plot and acting. The knetz’ comments for every episode has always been favorable.

  6. Radiant Office just doesn’t have popular actors but it’s a really good show. Ratings aside, it’s better than some of the more hyped dramas.

    This teaser looks exciting, hopefully it will be a good saeguk and not some half-baked one like Moon Lovers. ML had good teasers too so we shouldn’t pop the champagne now.

  7. Kim So Hyun is so pretty!

    She has this refine look rather than mostly cutie pie look of the younger set of actresses.

    Hopefully this drama does well.

    • Yeah, she’s getting prettier. I like the change in her hairstyle. She looks much better without the bangs that she used to have.

      • She looks better with her black hair than dye. And with “natural” make than full blown up red lipstick.

  8. I have to agree with other users that Radiant Office is actually good and something I look forward to each week. To see that it went from 3% to 7% is actually incredible and I hope ratings continue to grow. Fighting RO!

    I am also looking forward to Ruler too. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  9. i highly recommend Radiant office and Tunnel. Lee Bo Young is really good in Whisper and Her co actors too. Hope that i will like Ruler… Cause i like Yoo seung Ho and kim so hyun . Best luck !

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