Moon Geun Young Headed for Full Recovery a Month After Multiple Surgeries

This isn’t a huge breaking news but still a nice update for fans of one of Korea’s most famous young actresses. Moon Geun Young‘s agency updated this week that the talented actress is making a full recovery after undergoing four successive surgeries in early February for compartment syndrome. She experienced severe pain in her right arm during performances for the stage production of Romeo and Juliet¬†and was diagnosed with the condition. The remaining performances of the production was ultimately cancelled after the severity of her condition required multiple surgeries, but it’s a relief to hear that she’s been recovering for the past month at home and is going to make a full recovery. I’m not sure if she’s planning to do any public appearances any time soon, or take it a step further and schedule her next acting project, but I’m so happy she’s just home resting and will not suffer any complications from this health scare.


Moon Geun Young Headed for Full Recovery a Month After Multiple Surgeries — 6 Comments

  1. Just out of curiosity, do they not use understudies in Korean theater? Well, I guess not or the show wouldn’t have cancelled performances. I feel bad for her but also the entire production team.

  2. A full recovery? Where was that story? The only thing I have seen is that she looks healthy and is now out and about but nothing about full recovery.Please be accurate.This condition is something that does not heal in 4 weeks…miraculios if it has. All the vest to her.

  3. I am hoping her Agency is not just putting out PR spin..a couple of photos of her could have been before the surgery. This happens in korean entertainment.No news from her in many months. Everyone wonders and really hopes she is doing ok.

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