Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun are All Smiles at Script Reading for SBS Drama Suspicious Partner

I’m so excited for upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Suspicious Partner, regardless of the leading lady casting carousel and the litany of title changes. I never got invested in currently airing sageuk Saimdang: Light’s Diary and judging from the steady around 10% ratings neither did the audience despite the big name return of Lee Young Ae from a decade long acting hiatus. A quirky rom-com sounds perfect for the spring season and it doesn’t hurt to see leads Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun radiate cuteness together at the script reading for the drama. I don’t see any age difference and frankly he’s the same age as Seo In Guk who had amazing chemistry with Nam Ji Hyun in their last rom-com Shopping King Louie. I pray this one has as engaging a story will equally caring characters, please don’t waste their talents and also give Ji Chang Wook a nice send-off to military service later this year.


Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun are All Smiles at Script Reading for SBS Drama Suspicious Partner — 24 Comments

    • I don’t agree Nam Ji Hyun is great actress. In her last drama, he character was a little bit blend, but I really like her. In the drama Will it Snow for Christmas, I just remember her and Kim Soo Hyun, the same for Angel Eyes.

    • Disagree, she actually has more acting experience than him and has numerous dramas under her belt such as will it snow for christmas, the acclaimed queen seon duk, giant and many more. All really good dramas! And in her more recent angel eyes drama I think she was loads better than the older actress. Its funny how people think shes new because they only noticed her after watching what happens to my family and shopping king louie.

    • Ji Chang Wook is lucky to have Nam Ji Hyun as a partner, she has always been amazing. Choi Tae Joon did very well on Missing 9 plus he is friend with JCW in real life. It’s a nice send off.

    • Lol I hope you’re kidding…nam ji hyun is one of the actresses in the drama industry who can act properly. This is a dream kdrama cast, if anything.I don’t know about the other actors, so yeah talking for the two leads of course.

    • Is he? Then I guess this will end up worse than K2 since K2 had Song Yoon Ah who carried the drama.

      I have not seen Nam Ji Hyun but Ji Chang Wook cannot possibly carry a drama alone. He’s good looking but bland. Even for Healer, I was more charmed by PMY than by JCW.

      • Not to diss SYA. But too much screen time for the adjhuma and too little for the young OTP. That’s how K2 couldn’t live up to the starpower in my opinion.

        Healer can’t woo any international fans without JCW’s charisma. So far he seemed to do better with dark concepts. I don’t think he has great comedic talent to carry a rom com by himself though. I hope this new project proves me wrong.

      • Rofl. Healer is all about ji chang wook. Kdramas fans all over the world know him now because of healer.
        I think nam ji hyun is still weak esp when the first offer went to han ji min

      • ?han ji min – r u kidding me? she was not the first offer! she looks so so much older than JCW. I am so glad she is not in this drama now… NJH is a lot lot better than HJM – much younger, taller and a much better actress… lol…

    • completely disagree. Nam Ji Hyun was womderful in all her previous role- she had lots of experience under her belt and she isnt an idol actress.. so i dont see anything to complain about. Further she has a great history of generating great chemistry with her costars

    • also Han Ji Min was not the fitst offer. First offer was to Lee Sung Kyung. She declined and Han Ji Min got offered.

    • i think you’re new in Kdrama World, Nam Ji Hyun is an amazing actress fyi! Ji Chang Wook is lucky to have her as his leading lady.

    • Er … have you SEEN NJH’s ACTING resume?? She has way more experience than JCW AND also her InGuk Oppa .. (as in Seo In Guk, her leading man in Shopping King Louis – their chemistry was SO REAL that even the MBC staff photographer was shipping them … heck, EVERYONE was and still is shipping them – SIG & NJH!) SIG was so impressed by her that he expressed his wish to act with NJH again in future!

  1. nam ji hyun is a great actress and has one of the most beautiful smile among k actresses.glad she is paired with jcw,she is also a chemistry goddess so no worry there.wish them luck

  2. what more can you ask for in a female lead she have the look can act.
    unlike people like suzy IU who only have the look cant act at all

  3. I am not a fan of neither of them but my perspective changed after watching Suspicious partners as I feel both of them have wonderful chemistry. In fact, Nam JiHyun is indeed a good actress and a simple yet pretty young lady. As for Ji Chang Wook, not denying that he is super handsome, his acting is commendable too. All in all, this drama is hilarious, easily loved and totally recommended. One thing for sure, I am going to MISS JCW. Don’t you?? Oh no……….help!!!!

  4. This series has basically ruined the romantic comedy genre for me. I absolutely cannot move on from their sizzling chemistry that every other couple since them has paled in comparison.

  5. i am super late for the Suspicious Partner Party I love them I love Nam ji hyun. shes really an amazing actress.

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