Mark Chao Smolders with Modern Peach Blossom Charm in New Bazaar China Spread

Consider me once again wholly impressed with TW-actor Mark Chao‘s depth and range, a good 8 years after he blew me away in his acting debut performance as the co male lead in hit drama Black & White back in 2009. What was starting to feel like a one hit wonder performance finally feels properly displayed again placed next to his incredibly restrained and perfectly rendered take as the male lead in fantasy C-drama Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love). He created the flesh and blood version of Ye Hua as written in the novel, the unspoken complications and soulness tenderness, and also did a bang up job as the masterful Mo Yuan. Bazaar China seriously outdid itself with the one-two punch of Yang Mi’s return to ethereal plum forest in tandem with Mark’s modern suited Ye Hwa with subtle plum accents.


Mark Chao Smolders with Modern Peach Blossom Charm in New Bazaar China Spread — 27 Comments

    • He is quite picky when it comes to dramas
      But I would pay for him and YM to work again together in a good project. No, in good projectS.
      I can’t have enough of them. Their chemistry was insane and their performance enhanced each other.

      • @Yen

        Yes. I think the reason he decided to do “… Peach Blossom” because his mom told him to do more dramas. After he became so popular with this drama – in interview he said he will take about 6 months off even though he knows he should take advantage of his current popularity to get more work projects.

      • He is filming a movie right now if I’m not mistaken. So I’m not sure about the break

      • @Yen:

        You are right. After the filming of “… Peach Blossom” – he was working in another movie then he took 6 months off for a break. I have a YouTube video, but Koalasplayground doesn’t allow posting it here. 🙁

  1. Did his movies not gain him any attention that people had to wait till 3 lives 3 worlds to gain attention? All his films were either hits or mega hits – Caught in the Web, So Young, Detective Dee etc.

    • @Key

      I like his his previous work, but I prefer watching him in romantic stories rather than action films/dramas.

    • Even his movies did well but he wasn’t really known for his name until this drama. So young is Wei Zhao’s 1st director film,not Mark’s mega movie hit for example. He did well but I think Ye Hua is probably his best performance to date and people had 58 episodes to appreciate his acting, not just 2 hours in theaters

  2. Oh God, It’s been a month since i have finish watching eternal love and i still can’t move on from them. i even put some of their scene in youtube into offline mode

    • I’m going through BIG withdraw with this drama. It happened to me before, but never this long though. I finished watching it about a month ago and I’m still re-watching my favorite parts and I can’t move on to other dramas. Last night I started to watch “Across the ocean to see you”. It’s ok so far. “Because of meeting you” is China’s number #1 drama right now on

  3. There are two people whose acting debut have impressed me and who have made me think they really have natural talent and they are Mark Chao and Cindy Lien Yu Han. While watching them I wouldn’t have been able to guess it was their first drama. I’m glad Mark has been doing really good since then. As for Cindy, if she chooses the right scripts I believe she will get there soon too.

  4. I have never heard of Mark before watching TMOPB but after watching his Ye Hua, I am a big fan of his acting. Soooo looking forward to his next project! He’s got the charm and the looks for sure!

  5. I’ve been watching Ep 30 when they met again and Ep48 when she confessed her feelings and his reactions. Heck, Mark nailed those emotional scenes. YM did a great job too. I think both leads complemented each other and their chemistry was just oozing.

  6. I’m loving this styling. It’s very close to Ye Hua’s all black style and the details in the belts are spectacular. I’m all for Modern Ye Hua.

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