K-ent Speculates that Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu Getting Married Soon

I thoroughly enjoy harmless speculation about the love lives of adult celebrities, especially when marriage watch is on and every few months there’s a new update of sorts. Even funnier is to see pundits on television gossiping like your neighborhood ahjummas, which was the case this week when an entertainment news show in Korea discussed cross-border celebrity couple C-actress Crystal Liu and K-actor Song Seung Heon‘s two year and ongoing relationship. The show wondered if Crystal Liu was actually pregnant because she seemed to be glowing and a bit rounder in recent days, followed by speculation that the couple would be tying the knot this year soon. This is so random I can’t even, but then again Rain and Kim Tae Hee walked down the aisle earlier this year and oppa Song Seung Heon is 40 years old so if he does propose to his goddess girlfriend it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Let’s hope if they do get married it’s not due to a bun in the oven first.


K-ent Speculates that Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu Getting Married Soon — 17 Comments

  1. Song Seung Heon is already 40, time to get married. So many celebs getting married this year…

    Now waiting for Joo Jin Moo another cross border couple to get hitched too.

    Then we have Lee Jun Ki and Hyun Bin to follow suit…very busy 2017 for weddings.

  2. I always wonder how they would communicate.

    Recently I read Huang Xuan’s interview and he said he used hand gestures and a translating app to communicate with his girlfriend. Lol.

    • That’s… very inconvenient. How do they even do high level conversation then. But then language barrier could actually help preventing nasty fights haha. Well whatever makes them happy I guest.

    • @ockoala:

      I wish you will allow us to post links of things that connect to your stories like articles or videos like YouTube. Thanks

      I read or saw an interview somewhere that they communicate with each other in English. Hopefully this is a real rumor and they will get married soon. I bet their baby will be really cute!!!

      • @mango

        Yes. She lived in USA when she was 10 and she returned to China when she was 15 year-old.

    • I thought I read somewhere (when they first started dating) that they communicate in English. SSH joked that LYF’s English is better than his. Not sure about him but she lived in the states for a few years as a kid so she is definitely fluent in English (although she has a strong accent and doesn’t seem super advanced in the language from the interviews I’ve seen of her, it is definitely more than sufficient for day-to-day conversation).

  3. It’s funny Cha Tae Hyun, Jang Hyuk and our Song Seung Heon oppa are same age. But JH & CTH’s eldest kids are about to complete first decade of their lives and SSH is still unmarried. I hope he could get married soon and have happiness of fatherhood.

  4. I will be wishlist them well, even if they get married because of ‘bun in the oven’ they have been dating for a while now. Everyone situation is different, so I hope congratulations is in order. I think it’s time for the guy to have child too if he plans on having one. He is 40 and will need to raise that kid and the kid will need to spend quality time with his parents too.

  5. guy is almost 40s he better knock her out so he can married her.he will not find a woman as good looking as her. he should take a page out of all those old actor in japan who married young actress. once u knock them out they will have to married you or you release the dirt on them. so they either married you or lose their career in acting. LYF is smart so dont think that trick will work on her. pretty sure she wont let him in her pant unless she want to married him.

  6. At their age, you don’t date someone for 2 years if you aren’t going to marry them so it’s not surprising.

    I bet their parents and relatives have been bugging them about getting married for mmmm…about 2 years now LOL

  7. I’m sure Songheon’s parents want him to get married ASAP because he is already in his 40s. Yifei though is still young but on the right age to get married. Seeing pictures of Songheon & Yifei from 2017 onwards, I can see they’re both gaining weight. An indication of a happy relationship. Hahaha. If a baby will be the product of their love, then the baby will surely be born in limelight, with gorgeous parents, and wealthy background. I wonder what will be their kid’s nationality though. Maybe American? Korean? Or dual? Too early for that to think.

    I hope they’ll get married soon.

  8. If they really get married this year Hu Ge and Chen Xiao An’s weibo will be lit up again. Lol poor things.

    But I do hope they tie the knot soon, regardless of the reason, I didn’t enjoy their movie, Third way of Love, but was still sadden by its ending. A happy ending in real life will lessen the blow.

    It’ll also teach those haters who were calling this relationship a publicity stunt to choke on their own bile.

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