Ella Chen Welcomes Firstborn Baby Boy with S.H.E. Besties By Her Side

This second week of April ended on a happy note for Taiwanese star Ella Chen as she welcomed her firstborn baby boy with her non-celebrity husband of five years. Ella was the tomboy of top Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. so it remains quite a transformative wonder to see her evolution over the years into now a super feminine wifey and new mom. The birth of Ella’s first baby was celebrated with her S.H.E. mates Hebe Tian and Selina Jen by her side, which was expected as the three remain the bestest of friends. S.H.E. is so talented at actual singing and with their closeness fans can surely expect reunion tours for the foreseeable milestones. For now Ella is continuing her career hiatus to focus on being a mom and my congrats to the new parents!


Ella Chen Welcomes Firstborn Baby Boy with S.H.E. Besties By Her Side — 14 Comments

  1. Congratulations to Ella and Alvin! Selina and Hebe are the godmothers to their baby boy so he will get 3x mother love. Ella said she thinks he has a lot of fate to these two as he shares the same Chinese zodiac as Selina and also the same horoscope as Hebe.

  2. Oh wow. I was just listening to their Perfect World Live Concert the other day! Congrats to Ella! I would be very excited to see them together for a reunion concert.

  3. Congrats Ella! I love everything she does. And how amazing for a celebrity to be so open and natural about milestones in her life. She has always been the most relatable celebrity out there.

  4. I was just listening to their album again when I saw this post.

    Ah memories…Flowers Blooming is still my jam.

    Congrats to the family!

    Maybe it was because she danced so hard on her video that the kid popped out. Rofl. *check her weibo for reference if you don’t get the joke*

  5. Congrats to Ella and family. I was just checking her out the other day and saw the youtube video announcement of the baby, but I wasn’t sure it was true; now I know.

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