Ryu Soo Young Shares Beautiful Additional Shots from Wedding Shoot with Park Ha Sun

Married Korean stars Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun have been enjoying the newlywed life for the last few months, or enjoying as much as they can during Ryu Soo Young’s free time from filming the weekend drama Father is Strange. I find it funny that stars are considered working too hard if they do a drama after getting married since average folks work even after getting married, but there is the understanding that K-drama filmings are grueling suck your entire life into the mix projects. To promote Father is Strange, Ryu Soo Young was on Happy Together and shared the cutest additional pictures from their wedding photo shoot, including one candid shot of his back running towards his future wifey as she smiles happily towards him. These two radiate affection for each other and it’s really heartwarming to see him gushing so openly about her.

Ryu Soo Young explained that the couple met on the set of drama Two Weeks and were just coworkers until one day he drove by her home and called to grab a coffee with her. When he was driving to meet her his heart started to race which is how he knew he liked her. Then two weeks later he asked her out to go hiking and she accepted which is how he figured she might be interested in him back. He proposed to her on a hiking trip many months later, down on one knee, and she accepted with tears in her eyes. Awwwwww.


Ryu Soo Young Shares Beautiful Additional Shots from Wedding Shoot with Park Ha Sun — 4 Comments

  1. What a sweet story. The look in his face! And Park Ha Sun looks so happy as well. Congrats to both of them on getting married!

  2. Their happiness is infectious and it is so wonderful to see how simple and unpretentious they are, how obviously smitten he is with his bride. I have always loved PHS and am absolutely overjoyed that she found a man who adores her the way he does. And for that, I now love RSY as well, when before I only knew him from Two Weeks. Truly happy for both of them and praying they will be blessed with everlasting marital bliss!

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