Lee Min Ho Confirmed to Enlist for Military Service on May 12, 2017

There is now less than one month to go before saying farewell to oppa for the next two years. Lee Min Ho‘s agency has just confirmed that the actor is enlisting for mandatory military service on May 12th, days before Joo Won recently announced his enlistment day. The ’87ers are all heading off in batches, last month with Seo In Guk and coming down the pipeline will be Yoo Ah In, Ji Chang Wook, and Jang Geun Seok. Lee Min Ho is on the cover and pages of the May edition of Star1 Magazine so that’s a nice send off treat for his fans, on top of his recently released DMZ wildlife documentary and also a final mini album. I’m hopeful his relationship with girlfriend Suzy can last through enlistment, making him like Rain and Kim Tae Hee, more so than the typical breakup while the guy is away fate that befalls most such couples.


Lee Min Ho Confirmed to Enlist for Military Service on May 12, 2017 — 25 Comments

  1. I’m really waiting for JGS’s enlistment. Ermm call me superficial lol but he needs to join the army to shed off the chubbiness. So that the boy can go back to the previous shape. Plus I want to see him in his Beethoven virus hair.^^

    • I thought he has lost a lot of weight recently… don’t see anymore chubbiness now… But the Beethoven Virus image will be bit more difficult to return as I don’t feel he wants to shed his feminine vibe ?

    • Please, don’t comment about someone you obviously don’t follow. JKS is too thin now and he is in a great shape – see the Dispatch article.
      And about Beethoven virus – it was 9 years ago! Nobody looks the same after almost a decade, even if he shaves his hair. An actor have to search new challenges, not to repeat himself.

  2. bet anything if china havent ban korean actor. he woul still madeup lie that he still hurt. now he singing a new tone with china ban.

    • This is not true. He is probably one of the only, if not the ONLY Korean artists that still gets some play in China. His DMZ Wildlife Documentary got sold to China despite the ban.

    • He has been prepping for enlistment this year for quite a while. I dont understand why his articles get so much negativity sometimes.

    • He is one of the most loved korean celebrities of all time in china (and rest of the world). China’s love for him don’t end because of the ban. Poor haters can’t accept that and they get more pitiful. So sad. Lol.

      • @candycane Yeah, I didn’t say he looks like my foot, because my feet are petite, cute and pretty. Those pictures do no favor to LMH, hence I think he looks like an athlete’s foot 🙂

  3. Suzy And Lmh Will do fine, he ia going to do public service, And work at gangnam, he Will have more time to date than before lol

  4. LMH an forget SUZY. she anit waiting 4 year for LMH. bet LMH GOING SERVE in te army like PYC were he can get to go home any time he want. HE anit risking losing SUZY when he almost 35. just hope he dont do what PYC did by going to a hoe house. to lose his acting career.

  5. Awwww…. my poor peanut! my first love in kdrama, I’m not really gonna miss you but just stay safe and come back healthy! all the best…

  6. Finally, I won’t have to see this boring face so often for 2 years, yayyyyy. For some people who care for his safety and health during his army time, do not worry. All he will do is just coming to the office, sitting down, sipping tea and then going home, safe and sound like a doll in a glass cage, every day. Isn’t it said that he will serve in Gangnam district, one of the richest districts in Seoul? Oh yeah. Wondering if his home is just some steps away from this office, lol.

  7. why call army when he just going home after work. hE just like PYC TOP they both Get so easy. maybe he can get in scandal like PYC so we dont get to see his bore face on drama.

    • Some people don’t have a good thing to do in life. So they just spends their shitty lives so pitiful. How dirty this poor soul wishing another person to do the shit which yoochun did . Lmh isn’t a low life like you. Even displaying stupidity to read his article and bothering to comment. Lol. He is not going to do an office job for his choice. And that is given for any citizen with considerable injury. Even jung il woo got that.
      Lmh being a king his haters don’t won’t to see his ‘bore face’ on drama cause their no name idols don’t get the treat and popularity he gets. Who cares about such good for nothing haters when he got millions of fans worldwide. So these sluts must ban from lmh forums. Go and get a life so that it will worth even a little bit. Lol.

    • Some people don’t have a good thing to do in life so they spend their shitty lives so pitiful. What a dirty trash can wishing another person to get into shit which yoochun got. Lmh won’t cause he isn’t a low life like you at all. Lmh being an unbeatable king his poor haters don’t won’t to see his ‘bore face’ on drama cause their no name idol crushers don’t get attention and all what he gets. So poor souls. Go and get a life so that it even worth a little bit. Lol.

  8. So happy to see you on my news feed …le min ho Goodluck to your service and please comeback single ??? my forever crush in Korea.

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