Park Bo Young Candidly Shoots Down Romance Possibilty with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Costar Park Hyung Sik

If I already love Park Bo Young to pieces hearing this post-drama wrap interview would have made me love her more. The young and talented actress finished filming hit cable network drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon last week and the drama concluded with high ratings to make it the biggest 2017 cable drama hit so far, and comparing apples to oranges would stack alongside prime time hit Defendant. Park Bo Young reveals that she picks dramas based on how interesting she finds the character and so far managed to be two-for-two in picking female lead centric dramas that also end up ratings hits.

When asked about how fans loved her chemistry with male lead Park Hyung Sik and hope for a real romance, Park Bo Young laughed it off and said it was impossible for her to date Park Hyung Sik in real life. They got along well during filming but she sees him as a younger brother, and when they did their many many kiss scenes there was zero romance with so many people on set around them. In fact both only wanted to quickly get those scenes done with when filming. I adore her candor and putting a kibosh on fan shipping while staying adorably professional.


Park Bo Young Candidly Shoots Down Romance Possibilty with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Costar Park Hyung Sik — 41 Comments

  1. I would like her to be dating someone much more mature/older than PHS. They work great together as OTP doesn’t mean I wish they date each other haha.

    I have seen even married actors who are work well together as OTP like Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. Hopefully we can see them back in another drama some day.

  2. I’m one of those that hope they date for real. He just got Friendzoned immediately. I still have hope. Well, there’s no way she’s gonna say that they are attracted to each other on set right?

    • of course. have you find a girl who admits that she is dating? why would the interviewer ask her that question? its inappropriate. they should ask the question to the boy instead.

  3. I think they both simply felt comfortable with each other. I noticed Park Hyung Sik always treated his co-stars that way. When he acted with Nam Ji Hyun in What Happens to My Family, he actually felt jealous towards Seo Kang Joon. I think he was just too absorbed in his role 😀

  4. This is how it should be done. Be a professional and stop fan shipping. It can’t be help if fans still insist but at least don’t encourage them.

    • I’m sorry, but it’s not these actors’ and actresses’ responsibility to say that they are not dating and stop the shippers from shipping. Shippers/fans shouldn’t delude themselves into thinking that professionals doing their job must be real feelings. Shipping is for fun, and if someone still choose to ship, then that’s their choice. If an actor/actress does not want to disclose anything else about their relationship then fans should respect that. This reminds me so much of these cases, when Eric Mun and Na Hye Mi’s relationship news came out and Seo Hyun Jin and Eric shippers got mad, or when Jeon Hye Bin and Lee Jun Ki dating news came out and IU/ Park Min Young shippers started criticizing him…

      • You just said what’s on my mind. In as much as I want Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik to date in real life, I can only hope so far. I’ll still be happy and contented even if they don’t.

      • If shippers continue beyond the drama it just shows how good the acting and chemistry was between the actor and actress. What I hate is the shippers bombarding the actor/actress instagram with deluded comments.

      • I never said it was their responsibility. When I said ‘stop fan shipping’, I meant it in a passive way. There’s no need to announce your private or dating life to the public but there is also no need to stoke the fire.

        Not all are as candid or bold as Park Bo Young. She didn’t give a damn if she upset fans, shippers or anyone. She could have benefited from giving fan service and get more popularity.

    • LOL….Park Hyung Sik also equally said that it’s impossible for him to start a romantic relationship on set in his interview. I don’t get all the delulu mentality of shippers. Don’t we want to see great chemistry between OTP whoever they are paired with? Isn’t a good actor/actress supposed to have great chemistry with whoever they costar with? Fans have to get a reality check with their mindset and move on from the romance on reel. Stop daydreaming it will turn into real.

  5. PBY said she’s like a noona to PHS but the last pics…. the way PHS put her hand at PBY’s shoulder, don’t you think he’s the oppr for her? LOL. No, I’m not the crazy shipper, but if they date IRL, they’ll be a sweet couple

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there were real feelings involved while on set but who in their right mind would admit such things in the first place?!? lol It’s also being respectful of the other party. Dating scandals can be really really damaging especially in Korea so no wonder many deny it…Moreover, Park Bo Young may be a well-established actress but Hyungsik is still a rising actor, just signed with a new agency and has yet to serve into the army, he certainly can’t afford to lose everything he has achieved till now over such bad publicity (yeah I know it’s silly, to think that dating news can hurt your career…it really baffles me, it should be happy news guys)…I’m not the shipping kind, I do think they were very comfortable with each other and it’s great because this good relationship sure helped them create that lovely chemistry on screen and I’m thankful for that. But I don’t think they’re in some sort of relationship other than friendship and even if they are, that’s not anyone business XD

    Plus, knowing Hyungsik (since I’m a fan), he seems to be more into the sexy type (I’m not saying he can’t make exceptions *wink wink* lol)…Park Bo Young is more like a cute little flower haha

  7. Park Bo Young is one of very few actors have no anti fan. Her acting has no flaws. I was watching trying to find something but there were none. Even she is cute but she can act mean and angry.

    Park Hyung Sik has found the character that suits him. PHS adds a lot of characters to Ahn Min-hyuk. The way he melt when he was kissed, was fed was gold. I dont find him particularly handsome but he was acting pretty much on pair with Park Bo Young which is a great accomplishment. He should put some weight on though. He is so skinny. Even though he is only few cm shorter than Ji Soo but I dont know why Ji Soo always wear the shoes with thick bottoms that make him look bigger and taller than PHS.

    • yes i agree to that. Park Hyung Sik becomes more good looking when paired with Park Bo Young. He also performs very well since Park Bo Young is so professional in acting.they complement each other so the Chemistry is so great.Ji Soo has just had his leg operation and he is runs here more often. that’s probably why the shoes should be more with cushion so that it will not be obvious that his leg is still recuperating from operation.

  8. great reply by park bo young.she shouldnt encourage unneccesary shipping with phs and she should stay clear of an actor as young as park hyung sik.
    anyway i dont thrust these korean actors who are below 34 years of age, they only date for companionship and sex, rarely will you find a korean actor marrying at that age or dating an actress from his twenties to his late thirties when most marry and then marrying the same actress.once in a blue moon will you get someone like ahn jae hyeon and gu hye sun.

    it is better if park bo young look for love away from the industry,carefully date,nurture the relationship and marry at an opportune time since a non celebrity will not think of upsetting his fans due to his marraige or losing his fame.

    korean actresses should learn from the very wise jun ji hyun.

    • I cannot agree with you more. I wanted to like your post 1000x!!!

      Aside for JJH, I think Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Young Ae are very wise to marry somebody outside the industry. While there are exceptions like Ji Sung + Lee Bo Young (who seem to be really happy and are a well-loved couple), marrying a fellow actor just seem to invite added stress. In her place, I would likely wish for some part of my life to be truly separate from all the hoopla that comes with being famous.

  9. I’ll be really surprised if she said otherwise, 99% of celebrities will not say anything that seems to imply anything more than a professional relationship or friendship. It’s about being professional and mindful of how words can affect co-stars. So I wouldn’t put much stock in her responses unless she flat out says she is in a relationship with someone else.

    I don’t think they are in dating relationship now since the drama just ended.

    Do they have mutual feelings and attraction outside of their drama roles and will they date in the future? Only themselves will know and time (plus Dispatch) will tell.

    I think it’ll be great if their chemistry translate to real life love and go all the way like many celebrity married couples, but certainly not holdimg my breath for it to happen, learnt my lesson when some ships I had boarded many years ago sank.

    • Don’t think that Dispatch is a reliable source to find out about celebrities dating. Dispatch ’out’ these celebrities and stalk them and sometimes release ’’scandal’’ articles without these celebrities consent. What they do is very unethical. Remember, when Pinocchio couple was allegedly dating and news came on Dispatch and both of their agencies denied and said that they were only close friends? Then Dispatch threatened to release more ’’incriminating’’ pictures if they didn’t admit their alleged relationship? And when they didn’t confirm anything, only stated that they’re friends, then DP just wrote something really passive-aggressive? From then on I thought that DP crossed the line, and DP is very untrustworthy. Lol.. as if PSH and LJS or ay other celebrity owe the public any information about their private lives.

  10. I think they were very cute. But I don’t think they had a such chemistry that makes me feel they’re dating. They had fun.

  11. Arrgghh so annoying that dating rumors start after drama. Marketing the couple and OTP is a good business and shipping is fun too, but it’s really too much that PROFESSIONAL actors, who are paid to do their jobs are always put into this position. They are amicable at the set, and they work hard to bring out chemistry, but it doesn’t automatically mean that they must have real romantic feelings for each other. Media should seriously stop asking silly questions and let them be. If their relationship deepens, it will come out sooner or later. Besides, men and women can have completely platonic friendship too. Why cannot this sex and romance crazed society accept that..??

  12. Good job Bo Young. I’m fed up with the delulu shippers. They ruin my mood to rewatch Another Miss Oh because too much hates thrown to Eric when he admitted dating someone else. Now, this two actors seems so far away to work together again though Eric and Seo Hyun Jin definitely one of the hottest couple on screen ever.

  13. so when actors try their best to give you an entertaining ride in d course of a drama u completely exit reality and enter virtuality forgetting they have a personal life like you do… *shaking ma head* all ye shippers of Min min and bong bong, drama is over get a life!!!

  14. Don’t think there is anything wrong with shipping whilst the drama is airing but to continue beyond after the drama has ended is a bit too much and on top of that to hate the new & next co-star is even worse! Seen too many of those comments in Instagram.

  15. I don’t think there is any real feeling between them and it’s shown with their acting too. They act all lovey dovey but it’s more like they act as a profesional. I trust PBY.

  16. She is a cutie pie for sure. I liked this drama, it was fun to watch. I just never thought the chemistry heated up the screen. That is ok with me.

  17. She is a cutie pie for sure. I liked this drama, it was fun to watch. I just never thought the chemistry heated up the screen.

  18. Park Park have amazingly sweet chemistry together. Their staring, hugging, and of course kissing are sizzling enough to make my heart race, unlike some overboard, obscene, and cringe worthy bed scenes. After finishing all the serial, I truly think PBY has the greatest acting talent of her generation among all the K actresses I know. Even she’s still young, I do think she deserves the Baesang Best Actress award given her refined performance in Strong Woman. Strong Woman is the funniest drama I’ve enjoyed within the past few years. Although there’re some extra slapstick that isn’t necessary, overall storyline is way more fun to watch than overrated and sleeping pills such as The Legend of the Blue See and Goblin. I zzzZZZZZZ a lot while watching those dramas but not a moment with Strong Woman. So SWDBS served me well.

    • Someone’s biased Lolololol. This was PBY’s weakest drama and performance. The only reason she’s nominated for best actress is because this drama was conveniently just before Baeksang awards and she got nominated even when the drama isn’t finished. Also the awards show is broadcasted by jtBc who didn’t even bother to nominate PHS who equally contributed to the ratings. But on the other hand PBY is more established than PHS, so it’s ok she got nominated instead of PHS. Really, the best in her generation? I can think of other equally talented or even more talented actresses of her age in Korean film industry and this is coming from someone who is PBY fangirl and watched nearly every drama/movie she’s been in.

      • Everyone has different assessment about whether particular acting is good compared to others. That’s your personal opinion that Strong Woman is her weakest project in terms of acting skills. I watched Oh My Ghostess and it’s such a snoozefest serial. LMAO. Compared to other nominees, she deserves the best actress award for her charisma in Strong Woman. As PHS responded in his interview, Strong Woman is basically PBY’s drama. As her leading man, he even recognized that. So your opinion has no practical bearing to the worth and contribution of her acting to the drama, LOL, just like mine has no bearing either. So chill and move on. No need for you to get triggered and initiate debate with me. What the heck! My personal opinion is none of your business. Geeezzzz.

    • I do agree. If the performers are great the viewers have a reality show than an onscreen show.I re-watch the SWDBS and asses Park Bo Young acting again and again. Wow the more I look at it truly is perfect. its not only on how she express it (its perfectly wonderful) but the angles, timing, the focus and the need of the character to flow out from her true self. She is truly great…she is also helping her co stars achieve the right acting as well. she is imaginative and as an artist she can see perceptively herself ahead of time when acting.Wow!!that’s super and I am wishing she will get the highest award this year. she almost get the Baeksang only 1 vote behind the winner. so hopingly and wishingly she will be given the deserved award for her because she deserved it. She was injured and see the bruise on her feet walking on the sea in focu view with PHS feet? she probably must have suffered weeks but painstakingly carried it to perform well in her action movie though how peanut small she is. all the best park bo young. You deserve a the highest award bringing us viewers from reel to reality show.

  19. PBY was also rumored to date Song Joong Ki when they costarred The Werewolf Boy..LOL..Similarly Park Hyung Sik was rumored to date his costar NJH in What’s with My Family. Those rumors sorta imply they both are really good actors. I enjoy their explosive chemistry on screen but am indifferent to any speculated relationship beyond that. Whoever actors date or marry is none of my business. Why should I care? LOL

    • Thank you for your opinion about them. Surely they are truly good actress and actors. The singapore fan meet is a blast. How hyung sik control his blushing when looking at park bo young? is blushing can be controlled? anyway, i want to believe what your sayin but I cant stop myself being very likeable to them as a couple although probably they cant be because of their status and situation as actors and actress so if only they werent then it is possible. that is why probably park bo young just maintain brotherly like to hyung sik so as not to fall for him. but park hyung sik is pretty much good in acting with blushing if that’s the case in liking park bo young then huh! probably i will stop my park park mania because their only acting their best whenever they are together as a couple in public?they are wearing a mask facing each other then? My thought is just they naturally attracted to each other without any plans of going further because of career though. like Park shin Hye and lee jung sook.Yun Hyun Hye and Ji ji Hoon of princess hours?

  20. So phy just got brother zoned?
    That’s pretty sad. Was hoping that they might have a chance to be a couple
    But the height differences etc
    Plus I read up on phs. Seem that his previous drama, high society, he mentioned that if the character is real, he will date the person. The kiss scene is real too. How the female actress openly admire him n said prefer younger guys (based on reports to how it’s written out might be twisted)

    So I wonder if it’s just fans services that he said such nice things abt co stars but thereafter they don’t contact with other

    Acting is their profession
    If they can’t plug themselves out of the characters, then married ones might go astray too

    Anyway being in a rs isn’t a big deal
    Being in a rs that ends up in a happily ever after marriage is more important
    Hopefully she will settle down fast
    Those 20s actresses when they first acted etc …seem liked majority ESP the v popular ones are still single. I hope both of them will settle down soon with someone they love

    Btw I think pby acting is gd for this drama. She’s so sweet
    News said some complained she choose similar shows or characters… how could it be?
    She is timid n hunger for affection in oh my.ghostee but she’s strong , brave, yet weak etc n love between two guys.

    • I like your opinion on your last paragraph. Park Bo Young can perform any challenging roles given to her.Although she is cute but she can be affectionate, she can be sexy as ah minyuk is saying shexuie:), she can do action, she she can perform dark characters and s super hero..she knows how to play the piano, guitar and sing. so all the Best to Park Bo Young and we will surely miss her. Lastly most of guys that co starred with her rise to popularity (Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Soong Jung ki, Cha Tae Hyun, Park Hyung Sik) it only means that she has the magical star that can make you shine brightly.

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