Suzy Shows Off Short Locks in New Spring Sunglasses Pictorial

It’s a rite of passage for top young actresses to cut their hair really short for a drama role, and it usually works more than it doesn’t. Yoon Eun Hye for Coffee Prince, Park Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful, Moon Chae Won’s cut in Goodbye Mr. Black, the list goes on and now Suzy joins in her first ever short lock look debut for the summer SBS drama While You Were Sleeping. I didn’t like the shorn look on her in the BTS pictures from the drama filming but when styled and arranged artfully in the just released sunglasses pictorial it looks fabulous. The short locks are also a great time for Suzy to show off her enviable shoulders and neck line as she does here in a variety of off-shoulder and strappy outfits. She recently celebrated a two year relationship anniversary with boyfriend Lee Min Ho and I totally see her rocking these cute looks as date outfits, if the two can actually date in public like normal folks and not bundled up trying to be incognito ninjas.


Suzy Shows Off Short Locks in New Spring Sunglasses Pictorial — 13 Comments

  1. Now that the news has come out that LMH will be enlisting in less than a month really makes you wonder about that celebration….. I definitely don’t see these two last the two years while hes in the military. Suzy is young and in her prime…. a lot could happen in two years.

    • Lee Min Ho is enlisted in public service due to the 2006 car accident which injured his leg. So he isn’t going to be in active military duty for 2 years, but his public service will be in Gangnam as a social worker

    • People said the same thing back when news of them dating broke. Here they are two years down and stil going.

      I for one hope they last a life time. Love is a beautiful thing, wish them all the happiness.

      Plus i doubt they will break up while he is away. They will at least wait till he comes back.

      Or pull a Han Gain and get married before he leaves. That would be news!

  2. She is pretty, but she looks manlier than her co-star in While You Were Sleeping. If her acting has gotten better, she surely will overshadow Ducksuck or whatever.

  3. Suzy seems like she is super into LMH so unless if he’s the one leaving her then I don’t see them breaking up. LMH also seems to like pretty shiny things, and that’s Suzy’s image 100. If she had acting skill she could rise to the Jun Ji Hyundai level. Not that I’m that into JJH’s acting either.

    These two will do fine and haters will always have doubts.

    • Well she is def not the next JJH since I don’t see her becoming an acclaimed actress anytime soon. She can be the next Kim Taehee of the “TaeHyeJi” trifecta since Koreans really love her visuals.

  4. I do not understand his enlistment ills. I thought he was in some action films, since 2006…which were physically demanding? Now he can’t get physical in the service, what is his problem?

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