Additional Shots of the Exquisite Yoon Eun Hye for Marie Claire Korea

The April edition of Marie Claire Korea features the first major Korean fashion magazine pictorial of actress Yoon Eun Hye in quite some time. It didn’t disappoint in the first released pictures and continues to satisfy in the recently made available additional shots. This wasn’t a location shoot with the focus being solely on the model and her outfits and accessories, but even placing Yoon Eun Hye in a static corner doesn’t dim her beauty or vibrant connection with the camera. She makes a still pose feel alive, but for this pictorial I do sense a soft melancholy permeating whether through direction of the photographer or her own aura. I get the sense she’s living an active life in addition to her acting career so maybe the time off these past two years have been enriching in ways that will be reflected on the screen when she returns with her first drama role in four years.


Additional Shots of the Exquisite Yoon Eun Hye for Marie Claire Korea — 17 Comments

  1. Take your time . even if i’m a fan of yours since your debut and want to see you often in the small screen , i hope you’ll come back only when you’ll find a role that suits the way you want to be seen as an actress. you’re the only celebrity who made me become what some call a fan. a term that i don’t like.

  2. You are right Koala she’s been livin an active life away from the camera. Her Coffee shop Jacob’s Ladder in Gangnam is doing very well and has been featured in magazines also very popular for having good coffee and desserts. She also just opened another coffee shop at Show DC Mall in Thailand, so she’s been going back and forth a lot from Korea to Thailand. She has other business like real estate.

  3. I hope it’s just the way she was directed but her eyes honestly look sad in these photos. I hope her career can rebound in Korea.

  4. I just realized it’s the same dress that Lee Min Jung wore on the Ferragamo event! But I don’t get the open-toe shoes with socks styling here…

  5. All she needs is a super hit drama ala DOTS, Goblin or MLFTS to be able to regain the public trust and admiration. For example, although Han Hyo Joo’s drama comeback W had a unique storyline she still gets a lot of hate because of her poor acting performance in the drama.

  6. fell in love with her for more than 10 years now. and everytime i see her photos i fall in love again.

    -_- what do?

  7. In the past YEH is known for always discussed (with the photographer/magazine) about the theme of the photoshoot she’s undertaken. So I think the “melancholy feel” is the theme.

    BTW, I heard vet actor Cha Seung Won will making a drama comeback in a romcom. I will be happy if he’s pairing with YEH 🙂

  8. She is truly a beautiful talented versatile actor. I will always wish this fine Korean actress, model, artist, entrepreneur, singer all the best.

  9. Is she really coming back to K-drama/movie land? I have read news about her comeback for months but we have not heard any single project from her.

  10. eyeryone makes mistakes including her, as a fan i was a little disappointed but eyeryone can also be given a second chance. What she did was not so bad and she was honestly admitted her mistake and apologized. Im realy hope that she whould appear and starred in the drama that would raise her name because she is a talented actress and versatile.

  11. Do not like Korean TV dramas except those of Yoon. Hope she comes back soon. She has depth as an actress and very pretty.

  12. I like only Korean TV dramas those of Yoon. Hope she comes back soon. She has depth as an actress and very pretty.

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