Unkind Women Screenwriter Preps KBS Fall 2017 Fantasy K-drama Black Knight

Fantasy elements continue to dominant in recent K-dramas, from W: Two Worlds to Goblin and the forthcoming Bride of the Water. KBS has lined up another one for fall of 2017 called Black Knight and will tell the fantasy romance between a man and two woman spanning centuries. That’s all the synopsis says so far, peeps, so try not to fill in the gaping blanks just yet. The screenwriter is quite well known in the industry but perhaps less big name than others, writer Kim In Young penned Unkind Women, When a Man Loves, Equator Man, Still Marry Me (The Woman Who Stills Wants to Marry), and many more dramas going back to 2002. Directing will be PD Hong Sang Woo who worked on the second unit of Unkind Women with Kim In Young. Casting will begin shortly with the drama tentatively scheduled for the September 2017 Wed-Thurs time slot.

Having an intriguing K-drama confirmed allows for entertaining casting speculations, and right now the two ladies I think of for the female leads are either Yoon Eun Hye or Han Ga In since both have announced 2017 comebacks and currently neither has picked a project for this year. But Kim In Young tends not to cast the higher profile Hallyu stars when she does her dramas so who knows. I hope this turns out to be well written and fun to watch.


Unkind Women Screenwriter Preps KBS Fall 2017 Fantasy K-drama Black Knight — 10 Comments

      • LOL because she’s known as a “flower vase”. Basically she looks pretty but can’t emote expressions which results in bad acting.

      • Yup..I agree with Daisy. I don’t like her acting in MTETS, can’t do good expression, however, she’s really good staring with her big eyes though..lols.

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