Shin Se Kyung Exquisitely Models Jewelry in 1st Look May Pictorial

I used to teasingly refer to Shin Se Kyung as the chinless wonder, thanks to her having a relatively weak chin and being pretty darn bland at acting. That all changed thanks to her sparkling and spot-on turn as The Girl Who Sees Smells, which sadly is a drama that has limited re-watch potential due to no fault of her own. I also find her becoming more beautiful as she matures, the youthful girlishness giving way to a soft sophistication. She’s in the pages of 1st Look magazine for a new jewelry spread that has me oooohing and awwwwing over both the exquisite framing of her features with the very delicate and wearable pieces. Up next for her is the drama adaptation of manhwa Bride of the Water God with Nam Joo Hyuk, and it’ll be interesting to see her tackle a very well known character opposite a leading man everyone knows to be in a real life relationship and trying to sell onscreen chemistry.


Shin Se Kyung Exquisitely Models Jewelry in 1st Look May Pictorial — 22 Comments

  1. Oh! This spread is such an eye candy! I do agree with you about her acting. She’s too bland when it comes to acting. Fortunately, she made a great decision to act in a romcom with Yoochun. Hope she continues to improve!

  2. Her acting is good, just watch her Deep Rooted Tree. She perfectly held her own with Han Suk Kyu. She needs a strong co-actor for her skills to truly come out. She looks ethereal in the first picture.

  3. She is really beautiful.

    Her acting in Six Flying Dragons is ok though.

    I just dont like the idea that Nam Joohyuk admitted to be in a relationship whilst filming a drama. How could they sell the romance of the drama? I have nothing against his love life though, I just wanted for this drama to do good since Shin Se Kyung and Krystal is here.

  4. looks like you need to justify your “change of heart” towards SSK
    since every post about her start with ‘ paraphrasing’ she had bland acting but changed in TGWSS.
    i understand the need to justify since being a kdrama bloger doesnt mean you know anything about directing, editing, scriptwriting’ which usually the most noticeable thing, or indeed acting.
    as probably the only one from a background in the industry and actually understand acting and script writing – the meaning behind the words.
    i need again to defend SSK acting.
    she was never bland in fact her portrayal of MiDo was so outstanding that i was SURE that SSK studied acting outside SK since such a character would never be seen in a misogynistic and conservative country.
    although im sure this post will be deleted
    kdrama acting is usually stereotypical and build on prototype of character, which is an outdated form of acting, not accepted anymore in most countries
    which act according to the stanislavskis system.
    not liking an actor is a personal preference, criticizing it demand some background knowledge even of a personal bloger,
    as part of being educated.
    you can say SSK wasnt your personal choice just like PBY gives me gag reflex
    but sayin she was bland mean that you admit that you have NO understanding of acting, character development or the difference between flat and round character which also represent theater vs TV

    • I truly believe it’s a matter of interpretation, you are analyzing her method of acting and for you it may be the greatest or something like that, but for others like me it simply didn’t generated any emotions or thoughts so it felt bland.

      • if what you say is true there would not be any difference or development in acting or acting methods
        and what im saying is the acting method in kdrama is outdated
        and it is not just accepted method by me but in general that im talking about. if not, why have acting class or cinema class in the first place.
        why other kdrama viewers dont know this, i have no idea i guess most ppl from the industry dont watch kdramas.
        and specifically regarding the bloger my post was about the repetitive way in which any post here regarding SSK is addressed, as if the bloger need to justify the acceptance of SSK acting, or indeed why SSK was “rightfully” disliked bf. and her only reason for her bland acting was her “weak” chin
        if anything SSK always had a very strong character regardless of her “weak” chin
        in the same way that i thought park bo young character was something that should never have pass the screen, i never until now said anything although i do have just reasons, for me.
        this is my opinion. you as a viewer can have your own
        if a blogers states their opinions as facts or a solid valid opinions
        they need to give reasons just and educated reasons.
        if not they can make a disclosure
        that although uneducated in anyway
        based solely on their own opinion and not professional in anyway,
        they think that this actress is bad
        if not they will be criticized in return for being uneducated on the subject they criticize.

    • I agree with you 100%. She is a quite good actress. She is so underrated by the international fandom and I love PBY, she’s a sweetheart, but she is a little bit overrated by the international fandom, who insist that she’s the BEST actress of her age group and the only hope…

  5. To be honest you were not teasingly saying that. I always used to wonder what she did to you when you attac her like that. I always thought she plays her roles well. She is bland, mean etc when it is needed.

    • That’s so darn true. Teasingly? Yea my ass. It always felt like the author tried to be nasty because she didnt like SSK. Neither do I, but it wasn’t some teasing joke. Just like the insults all over this blog for Michelle Chen. Eh, nothing new I guess.

  6. Instead of using on the term “bland”, I would say SSK is non-charismatic… she does ok in some of her dramas but something is missing, she plays her roles fine, not extremely well, maybe not enough “passion” imho… Name 10 most popular k-actresses and she won’t make it on my list. I will give this new drama a try because of NJH (his relationship does not bother me), I think NJH & SSK will make an interesting pairing, both young & fresh. Krystal will be the reason for my fast-forwarding, she makes me cringe ? and I wish she will prove me wrong this one time. I like PBY a lot & she is on my top 10 list. I agree with Ms Koala that I will never rewatch TGWSS… the thought of rewatching YC dramas makes me puke ?

  7. This spread is so pretty! Need to go find the interview! I haven’t seen Girl Who Sees Smells, but I have heard good things about it. I saw her in some internet tv show with So Ji Sub (I think it was her) a while ago and she was pretty good in that. Actually, I think she was in a regular show with So Ji Sub as well? Anyhoo, thank you for sharing!

  8. Maybe you were just judging based on what youve initially seen of jer. If in any case you don’t find her good in the dramas you’ve seen where she starred at, maybe you should try to look for other ones. I’ve seen her in the movie R2B and she’s good. I find he’s interesting more so I ended up watching another movie like Tazza 1 and 2. I accidentally saw her too in Tree With Deep Root and she shines in her character. She’s also great next to Yoo Ah In in Six Flying Dragons, i like her, she looks good in my eye. If there’s an actress i don’t find good, it’s Park Hye Soo in Introverted Boss, still, I don’t dislike her. She’s a bit ok in Age of Youth, but casting her in IB was a big No-No.

  9. I have always found her very beautiful, and I loved her in TGWSS too. She was fun and likeable.
    I have hopes on this new project Bride of the water god. If I think about it, who can impersonate and sell romance better than a man in love? As an actor, it has to be better to have felt these emotions in order to portray them, isn’t it? I think Nam Joo Hyuk will do it well, he made big efforts in WFKBJ, I remember the episode with his mother, it was so heartbreaking…the only doubt I have is about their chemistry. Hopefully it will be good 🙂

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