Lee Min Ho Films Final Coffee Brand CF Prior to Military Enlistment this Week

This is the the week and I hope Lee Min Ho fans have their hankies ready. The popular Hallyu actor is set to enlist for military service on May 12th and I’m waiting with bated breath to see the always coiffed star showcase the obligatory buzz cut. As he winds down his personal and professional activities, starting next week Lee Min Ho will be serving as a public service officer due to lingering physical restrictions stemming from a car accident earlier in his career. This week his agency released stills showing the actor on set filming his final CF prior to enlistment for the coffee brand that he reps, looking casual and relaxed in his usual style of button down, fitted slacks, and loafers with no socks. I think he’s maximized his career opportunities in delaying his enlistment and he’s going to serve anyways so no harm no foul. With the recent spate of high profile scandals of male stars in the military I hope Min Ho-sshi continues to stay squeaky clean with his image.


Lee Min Ho Films Final Coffee Brand CF Prior to Military Enlistment this Week — 7 Comments

  1. Love how he puts the bottle up to his (gigantic) honker!

    Aw, don’t mind me teasing you, Min Ho-sshi. You know I secretly love your deadpan glorious mug. Yup, we love how you keep your life blandly scandal-free. You’ve even survived quite a few drama lemons, but never mind, we’ll always have the innocent crack of Boys Before Flowers. Always Paradiiiiiiiiise!

  2. I often read articles and comments about male celebrities going sockless. That may be so however, here in Japan, just as they sell those half socks for women, they also sell them for men. I know cause I buy the men sizes as the women sizes are usually too small. I’m talking about those that cover the toes and heels so it looks like you aren’t wearing socks or stockings
    but you actually are.

  3. I’m not naive enough to believe my favorite stars spend their free time polishing their halo, sipping ginger ale and playing gin rummy. All I hope for is they have full, active (well-adjusted) lives once the cameras stop rolling. If they’re comfortable with the nice boy image like LMH and Lee Seung-gi seem to be….that’s great. Whatever makes them happy makes me happy. (And it makes for cute interviews when MC’s try to make their halos slip :-D)

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