Lee Min Ho for Innisfree in Jeju in Last CF and Enlists for Military Service

It’s May 12th and E-day for Lee Min Ho fans, E as in enlistment day as the Hallyu star heads off for mandatory military service. I feel like he’s not really going to be away as he’s serving in the public service department in Gangnam but I think he still has to do basic training so expect hair cropping and fatigues for the next few weeks. His agency released four new Jeju Island shot stills for the makeup brand Innisfree which touts itself as natural plant based product made in Jeju. We see shots of Jeju’s famous oranges, the beach in the background, and beautiful fields of green. I’m going to miss this guy for the next two years and I hope he does a great job at performing his civic duty and comes back with a fantastic return project!


Lee Min Ho for Innisfree in Jeju in Last CF and Enlists for Military Service — 7 Comments

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo I am already crying!! sniff can’t believe he is going to be MIA for 2 years hope he comes back really soon

  2. Why is this guy always dressed in pink sweaters a la Heirs? Hmmm the big question is whether his relationship with Suzy will still be intact post- enlistment.

  3. lmao.. have anyone else seen his enlistment day chaos… it got over crowded.. ppl know his office now and work place. they waited even for his exit. It didn’t felt like enlistment. He will get more crowded now then even before. Expect his office to turn into visit destination

  4. just curious… I don’t see any hair cropping in the pics that he showed up for his desk job at Gangnam. His hair is still same as in this CF. Why?

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