Song Joong Ki and Namgong Min Making Cameo Appearances in Episodes 9 and 10 of jTBC Drama Man to Man

In what must be a cameo casting coup, cable network jTBC drama Man to Man will welcome not one but two big name leading men making an appearance next weekend. i Song Joong Ki and Namgong Min secretly filmed guest starring roles in the fully pre-produced drama and their scenes will air in next weekend’s episodes 9 and 10. I haven’t watched the drama yet, saving it for a lovely marathon weekend when I have time to savor it, so I don’t know how their cameos will be played out on the drama. The upside is that the drama is already well received by viewers and doing well in the ratings so both Song Joong Ki and Namgong Min picked well in choosing a selective appearance. This will be the first drama appearance with Song Joong Ki since Descendants of the Sun in 2016, whereas Namgong Min was just seen in Chief Kim and will be returning with summer drama Falsify.


Song Joong Ki and Namgong Min Making Cameo Appearances in Episodes 9 and 10 of jTBC Drama Man to Man — 4 Comments

  1. I love Man X Man! It’s an interesting show that just grows on you. I can’t stay it’s super great, but there is something that makes it enjoyable to watch and you just want to see more! Loving Park Hae Jin and Kim Ming Jun! And Park Sun-woong! They are all so good! Love their interactions! And now can’t wait to see Song Joon Ki and Namgong Min! Yeah!

  2. Man! This news came out of nowhere and what a way to make the show even more interesting than it already is. I’m not even a fan of SJK and NGM but I’m well aware of the former’s star power and the latter’s comedic flair, so I’m really looking forward to seeing them add value to my current weekly happy pill.

  3. I love Man to Man. It has action, comedy, intrigue, romance and suitably detestible villains. Park Hae Jin and Part Sun Woong are not really good looking actors and Kim Min Jung is not really that pretty so if you are into extreme prettines (a la Descendants of the Sun) then this may not appeal to you but everyone is great in their roles and I’m having a great time viewing it. Hopefully it will remain good to the end and SJK is always welcome, anywhere, anytime.

  4. Huge fan of Man to Man and am totally excited at the prospect of Namgong Min’s episode 10 cameo. We receive it in New Zealand late Sunday afternoon so I will be sure to stay off Social media from 1am my time so I can’t see spoilers. I am hoping though that he gets to share the screen with both his Remember:War of the Sun co-stars Park Sung-Wong and Lee Si-Un

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