A King Loves Releases New Stills with Leads Im Shi Wan, Yoona, and Hong Jong Hyun

Iā€™m cautiously optimistic about pre-produced sageuk A King Loves since it’s adapted from a novel so the story structure has less chance of falling apart. But that optimism is also tempered with plenty of K-dramas failing even on adapting well-written works, not to mention I’m really not liking male lead Im Shi Wan‘s sageuk look. It’s not all on a badly styled sageuk hair but just an overall opinion that he doesn’t suit the sageuk visuals. His costars Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun fare much better but honestly the latest stills from the drama fail to increase excitement. The last two pre-produced sageuk Saimdang: Light’s Diary and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo mostly bombed, we’ll have to wait until the tail end of 2017 to see how A King Love fares – breaks the cycle or makes it a triple fail.


A King Loves Releases New Stills with Leads Im Shi Wan, Yoona, and Hong Jong Hyun — 17 Comments

  1. Sageuk is my favourite genre especially pre-Joseon sageuk. But this one has yet to drum up my interest. I agree with Koala….. Im Shi Wan’s look does not fit in sageuk setting. This pretty much reminded me of Park Seo Joon who looked out of place in Hwarang and ended up being overshadowed by second male lead, Park Hyung Sik. The only one I like in “A King Loves” is Hong Jong Hyun. He had a rocky start in Moon Lovers but he sure nailed a mad king portrayal in the later half. I would prefer if he is the lead than ISW.

    • Don’t know what has been happening to sageuks lately. They used to be a favorite genre, but it feels like it has been so long, since there has been a good one. Or even one that captured the audience. The stills released do not invoke excitement or a must watch feeling. And once again, we get cheap looking costuming and styling.

      Compare to what has been coming out of China recently. Think of how Eternal Love – 10 Miles Peach Blossom captured the attention of international fans around the world. Sageuks however, seem to be stuck in same old, tired formula.

      When was the last sageuk that became a national drama – was it The Moon Embracing the Sun, that was from 2012 – 5 years ago!

      Something needs to be done to jump start the storytelling, visual/imaging of sageuks to get them to be must watch, once again.

      • I so totally agree with u.. I used to look forward to watching Korean period dramas, e last great Saguek drama I watched was King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang and that production was on a tight Budget, however the storyline was gd and I loved e main leads. Subsequent ones proved disappointing and that was how I ended up switching to watch China period dramas.

  2. Im Shi Wan was so good tho in The Moon Embracing The Sun, but yeah the goryeo hair looks kinda lame on him, I hope the story do his acting justice because he’s a phenomenal actor

  3. I’ve always been genuinely curious, what does it mean to have a face that “fits” in Saeguks and what does it mean to have a face that does not fit?

    I’m not really into Saeguks and I admit I’m not familiar with Korean history so I look at both of them and they both look fine to me. What’s most important at this point is the writing and the acting of the main leads and I hope both are good.

  4. I agree he does not look good in saguek but he is the only reason I am watching this drama. Though i liked HJH at the end of SHR, but he was so awkward at the start. And most important, I am just sooo wary of Yoona.
    But for Siwan i am gonna check this out, just hope the story is good.

  5. Im Si Wan actually first got noticed for his visuals in a sageuk (Moon/Sun child part) so I really think it’s this particular styling that doesn’t suit him rather than his look not suiting sageuk.

  6. No, I think the problem here is that he is wayyy ::gasp:: prettier than yoona lol she’s exposed!! She does not have sageuk visuals sorry esp compared to OYS or PMY šŸ™ she has a lovely personality but I don’t get all the buzz around her. Also, her acting and singing is barely passable šŸ™
    Sorry, I know this look like a hate rant but I hate it when singers take away acting roles of real actresses šŸ™ like come on? Seriously?

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