Yunho Returns From Military Service and Drops Manly Arena Magazine Cover and Spread

I’m not a Yunho fan but any Korean male star who dutifully and earnestly does his military service and comes back yummier is good in my book. DBSK is still short one member with Changmin still in the military but Yunho was discharged from the army a month ago on April 19th and he’s already gracing the cover and pages of Arena Magazine. Whatever went down behind the scenes with the splintering of the group into two remaining members while three left to form JYJ, time has rendered its verdict that the remaining duo did just fine. Yunho may be mostly a terrible actor but he wasn’t awful in Journal of a Night Watchman, mostly due to the drama being crappy overall, and I’m sure he’ll return to acting as well as his day job of being a popular idol. I’m in a good mood, and this smexy Arena spread doesn’t hurt, so I’ll see what’s in store for him and maybe glimpse further improvement. Either way, welcome back young man!


Yunho Returns From Military Service and Drops Manly Arena Magazine Cover and Spread — 3 Comments

  1. Yunho! I’m so happy that he’s back and that he looks better than ever! My favorite part in his military service is when he and Jaejoong were caught on camera together. I’m just so glad that they still talk (or happened to reconcile) after the whole TVXQ/JYJ fiasco.

    Can’t wait for TVXQ’s comeback!

    • Right now is fine, a comeback will cause too much hurt and drama, with the Yoochun scandal, there will be to much chaos and fight…I just hope they are happy the way it is rite now…I just hope they do their own things whtever they want…

  2. I am so happy Yunho is back he did a great job in the military and he looks good too. Only few months before Min comes back then we can hear that good music. Miss these two so much.

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