Park Shin Hye with Trendy Bangs in New Sophisticated Marie Claire Pictorial

I used to fashion tomes religiously but the lack of time and transition to digital data has mooted the experience of flipping through a freshly acquired magazine. Now I just use it to find the latest and greatest new pictures of stars I follow and there’s been no shortage of Park Shin Hye fashion spreads in recent years. She’s everyone but not to the point of being overexposed, a constant recognizable face modeling something new or something throwback on the pages of a rotating cycle of K-fashion rags. For the summer 2017 issue of Marie Claire Korea, her hair takes center stage for me, the blunt bangs coupled with extra long messy locks is a look that seems derived from her Doctors image but not nearly as fresh and bright. Doesn’t help that her plaid belted coat is more late fall than early summer, I would love to see this spread have her in airy attire.


Park Shin Hye with Trendy Bangs in New Sophisticated Marie Claire Pictorial — 17 Comments

  1. Love all her recent photo shoots for different magazines. Park Shin Hye has brought a different feel to each concept. Reading her the translated in depth interviews is inspiring.

  2. This is why pictorials are so interesting. She looks different in all her various photoshoot. There is no such photoshoot of her which looks exactly the same. They make you look into them deeper and search for details. Her expressions are actually different even if it seems like she does the same expressions. For example if you look at her InStyle pictorial or even her previous Marie Claire pictorial (Audrey Hepburn theme) or her other Chanel photoshoots, she exudes completely different aura. I’ve never seen another Korean actress as versatile in expressions and charms as her. And I’ve got a lot of faves, trust me. I’ve read her interview from Twitter and it seems like she’s going to take her time to comeback. I actually prefer that, because she needs good projects.. yet some of her fans are being so harsh by demanding her to comeback on dramas.. just lay off and give her some space and maybe find something else to do than obsess over her comeback. A movie where she is a lead would be really great.

    • Yes I agree that she should move on to do more movies. I feel like she have already reached the peak of her success in dramas. Starring in a few movies with experienced chungmuro veterans would give her more experience and stronger acting skills.

      • Yes true.. I know she made her debut and name in drama scene and her acting is adapted to the Korean drama acting style rather than films, but the films she has been in and those small roles ave already showed her potential. In my opinion, her focusing more on movies will widen her range too because characters in movies have to rely more on to their own emotions whereas dramas are more based on character dynamics a.k.a chemistry. She is a good actress but she needs new and interesting projects. Unless K-dramas are willing to produce more interesting stories with deep characters, especially the female ones, à la Japanese dramas, then she should really consider taking more movies with veteran actors

  3. PSH so beautiful inside out. Yes more movie or atlease tv drama. We’re wait for her to see her in big & small screen. Good project and good love story. Thanksb

  4. Park Shin Hye is onr of my favorites. She is classy and unique. I love to see her in a musical romantic drama and be reunited with Jung HongWha. They make a lovely couple. I live in New York and is a K drama fan. How I wish yonhwha and Shin Hye do a comeback together now both are older. They are talented couple.

    • Her career would be stagnant with Jung Yonghwa. She needs to act with higher caliber actors, and she with JYH would only make the crazy shippers happy. I swear to god she has enough of shippers 🙂
      Also their romantic acting sucks. They look like brother and sister, sorry not sorry.

      • I really don’t get why there are some crazy shippers of them until now… Their kisses and skinship were so… awkward

      • @Yen, Ikr.. I have very hard time understanding, why there are so many Yongshin shippers. Their chemistry and skinship was so awkward in YAB and HS. Also, some Yongshin shippers are absolutely mad, attacking any other ships and completely deep in their delusions for so many years already. They have no idea that this Yongshin ship has been more burdensome to them, especially to Shin Hye (because women always get the shorter end of the stick) and their ship is so irrelevant anyway…

    • Agree with Dilnaz. JYH is still at idol-level and he is not a good actor. PSH should act with Gong Yoo, SJK, LJK to push her career higher. She is very talented and hope she can get good projects with real professional actors!

      • I don’t even think she need big names… She is a big name herself.
        But acting with better actors is always a big help

      • as much as I believe she has talent, she cannot carry a drama all on her own yet… I won’t be too optimistic if she does not work with a good actor in her next project…

    • Why would she come back with JYH now?
      He can’t act and she was alone carrying everything.
      She should act with better and older actors who she can learn from.
      What can she get from acting with JYH besides making their crazy shippers happy? That rumor and ship have been nothing but burden and troubles in her career and life.
      I’m sure she has enough 🙂

  5. My impression is that some of her fans really don’t want her to evolve. Geunsuk-Shinhye shippers should come to the year 2017, it’s been almost 9 yrs and their chemistry was okay for a teen drama. Looked more like a brother and sister anyway…
    Yonghwa-Shinhye shippers (or Dooliers) are truly delusional, when they want them to act together even when JYH’s acting sucks. @Dilnaz is right, she would be stuck if she had to act again with him. Reminds me of the time when JYH was offered the second male lead role in Heirs and everyone except Dooliers groaned internally, because two projects with that stale statue is more than enough.
    Minho-Shinhye shippers need to wake up because LMH is dating Suzy, and LMH and PSH look like brother and sister anyway. Why would they want them in a project if there are several reasons for them to not act together? Even LMH and PSH said that if they were to act together again, then they would act as brother and sister lmao.
    Can’t say anything about PSH and LJS, because I couldn’t stand Dalpo in Pinocchio, so I’m biased against their chemistry on-screen. But it would be a bad move if they acted together again…
    She was good with Kim Rae Won. So my conclusion is, she will develop her skills and match the best with an older partner, and a seasoned senior actor preferably. I also feel like KRW actually listened to her and matched with her pace rather than did his own thing, based on his post Doctors interview. All in all, her fans (?, probably just some dumb shipper fans) need to be patient, open-minded and supportive of her choices and desires in film instead of ranting about her comeback and with their bias oppar. Otherwise she will never evolve, and forever be just a shipping material…

  6. Differently, she is not just a shipping material. She has proved in all her dramas and movies, that she is a very talented actress . Shin Hye is such good actress, that immerses so deep into her character, creating strong harmony and chemistry with her costars, that drags you the audience into it, instead of spectator, one becomes the protagonist, that is one of the reason for so many ships that never ends, and the malicious rumors from cheap delusional journalists and many spectators that have hard time to come out of the character of the drama(lol), ( I do not call them fans , because true fans know how to respect boundaries and trust her) . Differently, she had a good work relationship with KRW, based on mutual respect and team work, and she recognized that, reason why she said Doctors , made her gain her confidence back, this statement makes me believe she will never go back and work with none of her previous co- stars , before Doctors, but if she decides to do that , that will be her choice and decision, what I will respect and support, because I believe she is a very wise woman and professional that knows how to handle her career to progress and continue her legacy. She has/is working hard to be where she is now, I don’t think she will make decisions that will hurt her career. I hope she will take a long break from Kdrama, and focus on doing movies with good strong plots, that will allow her to build a strong portfolio in the movie world as she did in Kdrama. I am positive she will succeed, she just need to dive in heads on. Fans that love her acting and work ethics will stay and support her, the others that are sticking around because of the many misleading fan services done by certain co-stars , can just smoke in the air, they not need.

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