Suzy and Lee Jong Seok Seen Filming Cozy Scenes for Later Episodes of While You Were Sleeping

Filming continues for summer SBS drama While You Were Sleeping, and from the looks of it entering the second half of the narrative based on the scenes glimpsed from lucky passerby footage. Leads Lee Jong Seok and Suzy have been seen filming in Seoul and their characters appear much closer than pictures from last month, now they are holding hands and sitting across from each other with couple vibes. Suzy’s short hair also is styled rather than choppy, always a sign that the female lead has transitioned from tomboy to woman in love. This remains my most anticipated K-drama for the second half of the year due to the combination of my affection for the leads and the screenwriter having done successful prior dramas with Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, and Dream High.


Suzy and Lee Jong Seok Seen Filming Cozy Scenes for Later Episodes of While You Were Sleeping — 29 Comments

  1. I bet the chemistry will be off the chart lmao… 😀 just kidding!!. they look good though. looking forward to this drama,

    • LJS what are we going to do? Don’t think I can watch it with Suzy as his leading lady.

      Will have to wait patiently for his next drama.

    • There is not a single drama of Suzy’s that would not be 200% improved by casting a different actress in her role.

      (It’s not that hard to find better actresses than her, I wish they would stop wasting lead roles on her already).

    • Maybe whatever magic he had with Park Shin Hye in Pinocchio will rub off onto Suzy and make her a better actress ?

      • Or maybe her boyfriend Lee Min Ho gave her some acting lessons.. then again, it didn’t show in UF unfortunately (just joking 🙂 )… PSH’s acting was so much better than LJS’s in Pinocchio, maybe Inha was a better character than Dalpo who knows.. It could be also that PHR writes better female characters than male ones, and it’s very refreshing..

      • @Gilgit
        I on the other hand absolutely loved choi dal po in pinocchio, it was so subtle and nuanced, U believe thats why jong suk won the Grimae, quite a fit at that young age!!!

      • @Missed appointments in winter

        I saw the Grimae awardees list and I have to say that his name is sooooo misplaced lol. Out of all the winners, he is the least impressive. Also, I saw the female winners list and UEE got it from marriage contract… really? I felt sorry for her character, but it wasn’t because of her acting. It was because her character and its life was so sad. Well, you know what they say: ’’Exception that proves the rule’’ 🙂

      • * @Gilgit
        ‘I believe’

        And yeah js to me was amazing in pinocchio although I prefer park suha XD

      • @Missed appointments in winter
        Park Sooha is so much better to me. I hope PHR writes a nice character to him this time. Not exactly like Park Sooha, but something similar

  2. I’m not really into either of the leads to be honest. In my opinion, Suzy doesn’t have much charisma onscreen and isn’t that great of an actress and I just don’t always find LJS’ acting believable sometimes. It just feels like his acting is quite static across all his dramas.

    I do like the writer though and she was smart enough to work Suzy’s acting weaknesses into DH’s script so I hope she can do the same here somehow. I also like her previous works and I hope both actors step up and do her (hopefully good) script justice.

      • I get that you hate LJS but you gonna watching this drama only because of the writer? 3 of her dramas had LJS and you kept watching them? I will usually stay away from any drama with actors I dont like but u are vice versa..smh

      • @Serina, I liked Dream High, IHYV, Pinocchio and Page Turner because of their plots, not because I purposely stuck to see Ducksuck’s face. Park Hye Ryun is a good writer and she writes great female characters too (unlike many other writers)

  3. LJS will have to carry this one like he did Dr Stranger, wooden female lead in both. Unless Suzy magically discovered how to portray emotions in some way other than pouting and leaving her mouth half open.

    • Suzy seems wooden actress coz she’s conscious protecting her plastic face and bad camera angle on her big cheekbones. she will always be forever overhype, thanks to Koala bear!

      • Suzy may be wooden, but she is not plastic… I am not her fan, just curious why you say she is plastic? Her prominent cheekbones are actually her greatest asset, do you prefer a flat face?

  4. I think I will pass this one. I’m not convinced by the actors or the story. LJS always has the same genius character, it’s boring. And if I really loved Suzy in Dream High, it’s not the case in her other dramas…

    • He is quite dumb in this drama apparently
      but he isnt exactly a genius in pinocchio(photographic memory doesnt count as genius) or suha. Its just a title, and we all know how korea loves those titles

      And kang chul is an elaborate meta on js characters as a joke on bad writers

  5. It is my most anticipated drama of second half of year too. Really curious about their characters, there were some rumored character descriptions but not an official one yet.

  6. just interested to see how many sleeping scenes Suzy will have in this drama… and How the writer can work magic with her very poor acting skill. Hope she won’t scream and yell as in UF…

  7. The writer makes me like her actors in her dramas. Outside her work- i think a few of the leading man and actresses do not emote well. So I will be watching.

  8. suzy is actually so bad in earlier episode of UF. her aegyo and cuteness really make her acting seema quite bad. her emoting is not that complex… but there is no way i will consider suzy in dream high is better than her UF performances just because her char is supposed to be stiff so we forgive all her bad emoting in Dream High? UF is her best acting to date so far in terms of showing wide range of emotion despite her uneven performances.

  9. The writer is very good and Lee Jong Suk an excellent actor. That is already a guarantee that it will be a great work.

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