SM Idol Couple Krystal of f(x) and EXO’s Kai Breakup After a Year of Dating

Breakup news has been the exception in this 2017 year of K-ent celebrity couplings whether dating or getting married. But these two were always the long shot due to their young age and now after a year of dating it’s time for SM Entertainment to confirm the split of Krystal and Kai. Perhaps their respective diehard fans were upset when they publicly admitted to dating after being caught by Dispatch last year but I just got the impression that both the public and the dating idols in question didn’t really give a fig. Krystal and Kai seemed like two youngsters who date because they happen to work at the same company and had similar interests but there wasn’t any long term planning going on. I hope they had a great time while together and now everyone can go back to being unattainably single for the sake of their fans.



SM Idol Couple Krystal of f(x) and EXO’s Kai Breakup After a Year of Dating — 8 Comments

  1. Still don’t understand why the news of a couple’s break up has to be front page news. It’s not like they’re getting divorced or there are children involved or something. Isn’t it just part of living and becoming an adult?

    • its called PR strategy, whether good or bad, as long you make the headline and theirs news about your talents, they think its worth to make that noise to make their idols just popular. but im not buying that stuff, coz those scum had to pay to be popular, just like this two, they’re not interesting!

  2. Im not a fan of either Kai or Krystal.. but sometimes, i pity these celebrities.. their private life become public, put yourself in their shoes.. surely you didnt want to expose your “breakup” to public.. just let em live their lives in peace n leave em alone..

  3. I’m actually sad over this breakup lol

    I always felt like KaiStal was “real” and not just one of SM’s stunts. At least their captured moments (SMTOWN concerts, award shows, fashion events) were more believable than Baekhyun and Taeyeon

  4. I honestly thought their Cartier couple rings were engagement rings (Cartier sold them as wedding bands) . Because quite a few of Koreans that I’ve met get engaged to their significant others quite early in the relationship even if they’re in early 20s. I personally intepreted those engagements as an OK from parents to live together and have premarital sex.

    I thought they were very compatible physical appearance wise, and their I-don’t-give-a-shi*-vibe. Oh well I hope haters can move on and let them live I f

  5. The average number of dates before marriage in Korea is 4.something. slight difference between male and females. They are young; they still have some more relationships to go.

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