Suzy Elegant and Playful by the Beach in Additional CF Stills for Carin Sunglasses

Beach is the place to be for the summer and even a normally more pool to beach person like myself is getting serious sand and wave lust. Suzy‘s short hair and sunglasses by the beach pictorial for brand Carin has released stills last month but now come the remainder of the set which continue to be gorgeous to behold. Long hair or short Suzy looks beautiful, and in stills she always connects with the photographer and delivers a lasting image. I’m also loving her various outfits in this photo shoot, cute breezy dresses and tops in interesting cuts or fabrics.


Suzy Elegant and Playful by the Beach in Additional CF Stills for Carin Sunglasses — 19 Comments

  1. She should be killing it on runway shows. If she learned English and Italian or French she could become a supermodel but bless her heart for not giving up on acting. She incredibly pretty, Jeon Ji Hyun, Suzy and Kim Yoo Jung. These 3 are different generations of camera charmers.

      • I didn’t say her becoming a model in Europe tho??? If she works and wear designers then it would be in her favore to speak a common language with them. Idk why people have the mentality that Koreans need to leave their country to achieve success.

      • You certainly don’t make sense in saying Koreans don’t need to leave their country but need to learn English and Italian or French to become a supermodel… Why?

      • She has symmetrical features and photogenic but does she have the height and distinctive features to be an international model?


        Man I laughed. However, all the guys with LMH now will be envious of him having her as a girlfriend.

      • Okay clearly you are Jealos. Just so so? Lol okay you keep telling yourself that.

      • Jealous? Come on…she should stick to her cf modeling and singing and away from acting. Thanks a lot.

      • Suzy’s symmetrical and photogenic features you say?? Thanks to plastic surgery for getting rid of that big cheeky boney face, but what can the camera do but only for still shots, coz when the camera starts rolling, those big cheeky boney still come out obvious on the screen, small or big. Big thanks also to Koalas marketing Pr, the mediocre beauty becomes the most beautiful Korean, then she must have deserve representing that country well-known for plastic surgey beauties of entertainment industry.

    • She can never kill at the runway because she is short and she doesn’t have model features but she is pretty though

  2. I ‘m not her biggest fan, but i must admit she’s really beautiful. Not a classic asian beauty, the same goes for Park Shin Hye and Yoon Eun Hye. I find them very beautiful. But none of them can become a supermodel . Not in Europe .

    • Excuse you, Yoon Eun Hye is a different league of her own, she’s indeed an authentic real Korean beauty in still shots and even when camera rolls. not a fan of the two you mentioned, but I also dont find them beautiful Korean or Asian at all!

  3. She may be a beauty in the eyes of most Koreans. Nevertheless she is definitely not on par with astounding beauty of universe. LOL….She, as an actress, will probably fail big time in China.

  4. How pretty of all of you to slam this girl in every single article of her. Your lives must be full of joy and contentment, I see. Anyway, good article, koala. Suzy was made for cameras, she looks beautiful and seems like a great model lately. I think she has potential for acting if given a good director, she’s still rough, sometimes whiny and awkward, but does good emotive, calm and contemplative scenes. I still remember myself crying from that UF scene where she sees her dead dad in prison. And as long as I can remember she’s a good singer and performer. Hope her next endeavors will show progress.

  5. @candycane Ive already explained why it would be a good Ideao for her to learn those languages and it has nothing to do with her leaving Korea. There are plenty of supermodels who remain focused in their home country while still working with foreign designers. This is same for actresses too.

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