Wed-Thurs K-drama Seven Days Queen Premieres in 3rd Place Ratings with Ruler: Master of the Mask Maintaining Lead

The new prime time drama arrivals have officially ended for now until the next big transition period arrives, for now the last two weeks have seen four new K-dramas premiere and the ratings shake out. For the Wed-Thurs time slot, Ruler: Master of the Mask and Suspicious Partner have been airing for a month now so newly arrived sageuk Seven Days Queen is playing catch up and facing another sageuk already in the lead. Unfortunately for KBS Seven Days Queen was a no go (for now) as the first episode came in third in ratings registered 6.9% AGB nationwide, and the second episode dropped 1.2% to 5.7% AGB ratings. Ruler remained in the lead with around 13% ratings and Suspicious Partner also remained steady around 9% ratings. This will likely be the ratings ranking for the remainder of these dramas run so hopefully folks will just watch whichever one engages their fancy.


Wed-Thurs K-drama Seven Days Queen Premieres in 3rd Place Ratings with Ruler: Master of the Mask Maintaining Lead — 26 Comments

  1. I want to try Seven Days Queen but I’m not in the mood to watch a sad drama… I have already Rule that disapointed me, I’m not a fan of the female characters… But I live for Wed-Thurs and Suspicious Partner ! It’s a good drama \o/

    • @Kurama You captured my feelings exactly.

      Ruler IS a disappointment and Suspicious Partner is a crack drama.

      I think Seven Day Queen’s time slot was poorly placed. First, its competing against an already established saguek, secondly there are too many saguek showing right now, on Monday there is My Sassy Girl, and on Weds, Ruler. So all these factors don’t entice the audience to pick it up. Lastly, the premise is sad, we all know it’s going to be tragic, so it’s hard to pick up the show.

      • @Adal I agree that 7DQ makes way too many sageuks on air at the same time and so far none of them are even that good.

        On top of it 7DQ overlaps with a time period that was already done in another sageuk that ended just two weeks ago, and much better – Rebel.

  2. I love Suspicious Couple. The leads have great chemistry and it’s a lovely romantic comedy. I am already dreading, when it’s is going to end. After I remember you another great drama from this writer.

  3. Ruler’s second female lead is basically getting all of screen time. I read someone saying it was wasting Kim So Hyun’s talents, I agree with that notion.

    • But i must admit that the 2nd lead has greater chemistry with YSH. Just my own opinion. I love the chemistry between the lead of Suspicious Partner !

      • Yeah, you are right. The 2nd lead has better chemistry with YSH. I love KSH and YSH, but it’s obvious to me that neither of them have been in a romantic relationship before. (Obviously, since KSH is still a child). Their scenes together feels very flat and the chemistry forced or next to non existent.

      • @ Adal, it’s exactly what i feel . Beautiful visual couple but they don’t sell the romantic feeling. I think that they have their best chemistry with their former older co stars . Once again , just my opinion.

      • I have to completely disagree with this because Yoon So Hee has zero expressions on her face everytime she looks at him and YSH just looks like he wants to escape from their scenes. While KSH & YSH have an actual attraction between them. YSH is known for his eye acting so you can tell right away how much he adores KSH’s character just by the look in his eyes. The BTS videos an press con videos prove that as well. The chemistry between the leads is very real but because GE is not written in an interesting manner people find the overall romance uninteresting. But clearly the k-netz disagree as they are literally petitioning for more screentime for GE & CP.

        I actually don’t even see the point of HG’s character since she is basically the cause for all their misery and the one who set these series of unfortunate events into motion in the first place.

    • Its true she is wasted in terms of acting but YSH & KSH have amazing chemistry even though they hardly get any screen time together. Their BTS videos are even more amazing! Yoo Seung Ho is clearly quite fond of KSH and they are adorable on screen and off!

      On the other hand, YSH just looks like he pities HG while she looks like a Grinch who’s obsessed with him so I don’t really understand the point of giving the 2nd lead more scenes with the Male Lead. Plus Yoon Soo Hee can’t act to save her life. Why didn’t they just cast a better actress?

    • I think that writter need to give a new developpement to Ga Eun’s character. Kim So Hyun is a great actress but this character is too plain, too powerless for her…But I love the chemistry between YSH and her.

      • KSH is a phenomenal actress but this role isn’t even using 10% of her abilities plus the scenes with GE are edited weirdly in that they don’t give us much insight into who GE really is as a person. All we know is that she is kind, strong willed, smart and courageous. I feel like if only they’d let her in on the plot of taking down Pyunsohwee she’d be an amzing asset coz she’s super practical and probably the smartest of the 4 in terms of coming up with solutions to problems. This is my bigget crticism of the show. But I’ve also realised that this show really isn’t about any other character except YSH who is the heart and soul of the show. Everything else is sub-plot meant to fill air time.

  4. Seven Day Queen is a much better sageuk in comparison to Ruler. The childhood portion is very good with good acting from both child actor and actress. The story is very engaging with solid character development. I’m looking forward to the adult part of the drama, hoping Lee Dong Gun won’t steal the spotlight from YWJ because damn, he’s so good right now. So far this is the best drama in this time-slot for me. The directing is beautiful too even though the background music is too upbeat sometimes. (And why I think that this drama is more beautiful and has higher budget than the pre-produced Ruler?)

    I’m so disappointed in Ruler because of its messy writing. Such a stupid and bland story and I have to scratch my head every time I see the “angsty love story” between KSH and YSH. KSH’s Ga Eun is now a side character with no development and I no longer care what she does lol. Hwa Gun is a very interesting character (though the character building and development is flawed from the start with a lot of nonsense), but I can’t stand Yoon So Hee’s acting. It’d be better if it’s played by a more experienced actress. Overall, I think the main problem with this drama is shallow writing filled with all predictable plot devices. Sigh~

    • I totally agree with you. I didnt have much interest in Seven Days Queen, but the after watching the first episode, Im hooked. The storyline is very engaging, actors and actress are super.

  5. Honestly the best sageuk of the year was Rebel:Thief Who Stole the People, after that any other sageuk looks a bit dull or same-old.

    Ruler is only getting ratings because of Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun’s popularity because otherwise it’s just a clichéd mess. And KSH doesn’t even get enough screen time.

  6. Honestly Ruler has the ratings because of Yoo Seung Hoo and Kim So-Hyun with latter getting reduced screen time with each episode and q
    as a whole, I rate Ruler to be the third one although ratings wise it’s different. Strictly Quality wise, this is the slot winner for me jointly with Suspicious Romance. I hope this one rises.

  7. I like all 3 well enough. The only thing keeping me interested in Ruler is YSH. He is definitely memorable in his acting even if the rest is crap. I don’t really the storyline much at all. I think it moves a little too slow.

    SP is good – at least the female lead has some personality to her.

    Seven Days Queens is very much your typical saguek set up. But I thought the first episodes were at least on par. I’m not sure how PMY’s princess/queen will turn out as an adult. She is merely a political pawn.

  8. Seven Day Queen is disadvantaged because its up against dramas with established fanbase, but imo it’s the best show of its timeslot.

    I’m beyond disappointed in Ruler. They should have engaged a more experienced writer because the plot is going nowhere. And damn, why hire Kim So-hyun when you are going to waste her talent?

  9. @teacakes. i agree with you.rebel is the best sageuk for this year by a long shot,it was underrated because of its relatively unknown is very well written,supremely directed,suspenceful,well acted with nice ost and i cant recomend it enough to those who hasnt seen it yet.

    ruler is disappointing and if the leads of ruler were to do rebel,i bet rebel ratings would have touched 20%.

    as for seven day queen,i give it more episodes before i comment on it.

    • I’m just going to sit here and wait for KSH & YSH to reunite in a different drama with good writing that does not waste either of their talents. Dramagods, please make this sooner rather than later!

    • @alexghana – Rebel is imo the nest drama this year, period. MBC didn’t even promote it much and it’s not romance-oriented enough to be popular with international fans but it’s still a success, even with its unknown leads it still got the same ratings or higher than Ruler has so far, which really speaks to it connecting with its audience.

      Maybe you’re right that if the Ruler leads did Rebel it would have higher ratings but I wouldn’t want to replace Yoon Kyun Sang and Chae Soo Bin at all.

  10. I am totally enjoying SP, great acting, beautiful leads, the story is so-so but tolerable, at least the villains are handsome 🙂 I have not started Ruler yet, maybe I should not after reading all your comments…

    • Hahaha! I know what you mean! The reactions to this show are so bipolar! I think you can watch the first two episodes and the latest two episodes because they were pretty good. I’m not sure how the later episodes will be but I think they’ll be watchable enough.

  11. I think, im the only one who likes ruler and gets excited in every single episode. Preference. It’s pretty obvious that ruler would win the rating battle. From those 3 main lead, Yoo Seung Ho has the history with War of the son drama. If only team 7DQ could cast Kim Soo Hyun, i bet the rating would be different.

    I always watch ruler first then suspicious partner. I need sugar after some spicy-bittersweet ruler. Hehe…

    But for me personally, from the current airing dramas, fight my way otp has the best of the best chemistry!!!

  12. I like ruler: master of the mask, I have been waiting the whole week to see that drama.. all my favourite actors & actresses are there plus I like the drama of 2017 that can attract me so far to eagerly wait to see every week. Seung Ho ..fighting ?❤️

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