Kim Jae Wook Likely to Join Same Agency as Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin After Buzzy Starring Turn in OCN Drama Voice

Looks like the pendulum is finally and deservingly swinging the other way, which is up thank the drama gods, when it comes to Kim Jae Wook‘s acting career. His was career with a trendy boost with Coffee Prince, a breakout in Bad Guy, but eventually hit the low point with Inspiring Generation as the second lead who got written off the drama a third into the narrative. His arc in Who Are You was too sad to be considered re-watchable unless one is a glutton for punishment, so now I just need to marathon Voice to be fully caught up with this charismatic and truly talented actor. Playing the baddie in Voice did wonders for reigniting his career with K-ent attention and hopefully his next move will parlay the momentum further – Kim Jae Wook likely going to join the same agency as Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin as he’s in talks with Soop Entertainment. Him being back with the Coffee Prince is such good throwback mojos, not to mention an agency with super popular stars that places him in good position to get more interesting projects. Please promote him properly Soop!


Kim Jae Wook Likely to Join Same Agency as Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin After Buzzy Starring Turn in OCN Drama Voice — 12 Comments

  1. I hope that he will finaly have a lead role in a drama ! He deserves it ! He’s great actor and when I watch some leads, I wonder why any PD or writers trust him for a lead role.

    • Whatever PD made him the second leak and cast freaking Taecyeon as a first lead in Who Are You, was either drunk or bribed.

      It’s an insult to acting that people like those get cast in first lead roles while this guy spends a decade in second lead/supporting roles despite being gorgeous, proven talented and well received by the public too.

      • Freaking TY is soooo handsome… my bias 🙂 For the drama “Who Are You”, TY’s character is much younger and in a more junior cop position than the female lead so it seems to make sense with the casting based on age… however KJW’s talent was so wasted there with just a little screen time… I agree with you that KJW totally deserves a lead role, hopefully very soon. Like NGM, they are both very strong in looks and acting skill!

  2. I’ve been a fan since Bad Guy, I really hope he gets more popular now like Namgoong Min who also broke out only well into his 30s.

  3. For the life of me I dont understand how he can be a second lead, and actors like Nam Joo Hyuk are getting leading roles..oO

  4. Hope to see him pair with Park Shin Hye in the future in a good action drama. I visualize good chemistry and acting.

  5. I think he is very picky, has a real passion for his profession and doesn’t make compromises (like choosing to portray a mediocre character just to become a lead). Which is why it takes so much time for him to become more popular despite his looks and talent. He wasn’t a lead in “Voice”, but managed to overshadow all the rest of the cast. He’ll build his career slowly but surely. I’m looking forward to his next projects.

    • True! I thought he overshadowed all the other cast in voice. I still disliked Jang Hyuk’s character; he’s too rash. I found main girl’s character to be interesting too, but I wished they had involved her more physically.

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