Yoon Eun Hye Radiant in Summer White at Burberry Event in Seoul

I feel like the world’s most patient boyfriend if my girlfriend was Yoon Eun Hye, I’d give this stunning and talented lady as much time as she needs to be woo’d. When it comes her to K-ent comeback acting project promised in 2017, we’re halfway done with the year and still no confirmed news on which or what drama or movie she’s looking into. I suppose it’s better to be picky and in her place there’s plenty of options to choose from, but I do want her to follow through on her announcement and also to strike while iron’s still hot. Her Coffee Prince male lead Gong Yoo languished without ┬ák-drama hit for 9 years until he wisely chose Goblin, I hope she doesn’t wait as long and there’s always the possibility of her being the female lead in Kim Eun Sook‘s next drama Mr. Sunshine though that doesn’t air until 2018. For now she’s just being her fashionable self and glowing with her unique beauty at the Burberry event in Seoul this weekend.


Yoon Eun Hye Radiant in Summer White at Burberry Event in Seoul — 31 Comments

  1. there is no better way for her to make a grand comeback than doing mr sunshine.since she is her own boss she should make all the effort and lobby hard for the female lead of mr sunshine.

    in case she wants the role,she will be fighting with all the big and deep pocket agencies for their clients for that role.goodluck to her.

  2. She’s like Lee Dong-wook, whose projects have not been successful since they hit in big in their earlier years. Hopefully Kim Eun-sook will cast her in Mr. Sunshine to give her the career resurgence she needs.

    Also, I don’t think KES cast people based on connections. She is someone that does whatever she wants. PSH wasnt from a big agency either. She also cast people who are hated by Knetz like SHK and KGE so YEH has a chance also.

  3. Let’s pray that if she does get cast, she gets a role like the females in DOTs instead of The Heirs and Goblin. I am 100% sure Knetz will blame it on YEH and doubt her acting skills if the female lead is being written badly.

  4. I adore YEH but a little sad to see her “refreshed”.

    Koreans really need to reset their face alteration obsessions. Naturally pretty girls end up worse than before.

    Still she is a very competent actress and whatever be the fate of her next project pretty sure she will be good.

    • I don’t know what you me with “refreshed”. I you mean plastic surgery, she doesn’t look any different.

      • I agree, she looks the same to me, just a tiny/miniscule older, as should be. Her face is the same as it’s always been, she’s beautiful, and I love the fact that she kept her ‘bunny’ teeth, makes her ‘her’.

      • Nodame meant that her face looks much slimmed down compared to before.

        Only time will tell if she had anything done to her face. It’s still too early to conclude based on a few photos.

    • @Lc, she DOES appear to be leaner than in the past, could account for her face being thinner, saw her in a sleeveless dress, her arms seem thin.

  5. She has rather a modern face. In Mr Sunshine, the story is in the past and the heroine seems young, so I’m not sure that is the good drama for her return. I think she should take a cable drama (TVN, OCN, JTBC), with a more mature story.

  6. If you’re that patient waiting for her comeback Mrs. Koala you surely could imagine how much patience her fans have to endure. I think they could be categorized as the most patient fans in the world lol.
    But seriously, she should making comeback soon since she’s one of actress with talent on acting IMO. If she’s cast in KES’s drama it will be good. But if it’s in another project it’s fine too as long as she’s acting again.

    • Patience is a virtue ! So i am very virtuous ! I think she should return now if she stills into acting ( she seems to spend a lot of time serving her religion). She is in my opinion one of the most interesting actresses of her generation, competition is getting harder nowadays . If she’s cast in KES drama it will be good, i read that Cha Seung Ho is returning with a romantic comedy ?

      • You mean Cha Swung Won ? I will be ecstatic if she’s paired with him. He’s one of K actor that I admired. Been busied by her new cafe (besides her religious activities) nowadays I hope she’s still keen on acting

      • @cahill, hi chingu, I always find you on here about YEH, we have the exact appreciation of this actress, of all asian female actresses, she’s my favorite, and there are many good ones. I just hope she gets a great script, an equally captivating male lead, and a good supporting cast, that is the key to great work.

      • @Lal,@emchi, hi happy to “read” you here ! Yes @Lal Cha Seung Won ! I don’t know if you remember that YEH once mentioned him , saying she saw him at the airport and she was blinded seeing how handsome he was! IMO they ‘ll make a fantastic couple with their unique “aura” and he’s such a good actor.
        @ emchi, yes she’s still my fav even if there are many good new ones. Hope for her the same thing as you.

      • I agree and can see her with CSW in a drama/movie, he’s such a ‘manly’, actor, feels so real when he acts. I admire him for the same reasons that YEH once said of Lee Sun Kyun, who played the cousin in Coffee Prince, she liked how dedicated LSK was to his family, with CSW, apart from being handsome, he’s so committed to his wife and family, in these days, it’s not too common!

      • @cahill yes I remember about that CSW story. Sometime YEH’s very blunt when praising someone/an actor and come out as funny lol. I’m not against YEH paired with younger actor but I prefer her next co-star is her senior.

      • Yes , she’s always better with a senior male actor. . She’s a woman with strong “aura” so she needs someone very manly to balance it. Just my opinion.

      • * still waiting for her movie ” After love” . If they don’t release it in theaters why not releasing it on Dvd. As they frequently do in USA.

  7. Im not sure KES will cast her as lead. But probably 2nd lead, if she’s okay with it like LDW. She has no project under her belt for some years, most of KSE’ female lead are actresses with rating history makers like Ha Ji Won or Song Yoon Ah or Song Hae Kyo or film actress like kim ha neul or kge. Goodluck. I miss her in drama too.

    • It’s my opinion and I am sticking to it regardless, but IMHO, YEH is way better than any of the ‘rating history makers’ that you mentioned. I would watch her in anything, and NO, she only deserves to be a lead, although it is up to her what she decides on. I miss seeing her in anything. I hope it’s just that she’s deciding on the best script for her. And key is also finding a male lead that’s on par with her, since Coffee Prince, I don’t think that was achieved, and that’s why her other dramas weren’t as good, it was NOT b/c of YEH.

  8. She is so pretty…as a model it is important to be able to reinvent yourself for different photo shoots….she is a genius at doing this.

  9. As a model it is important to be able to reinvent yourself for different photo shoots….she is a genius at doing this. She is such a pretty, talented girl.

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