T.O.P. Dismissed From Military Police Division and Must Re-enroll in Army for Mandatory Service

When one is embroiled in a major scandal where it’s pretty cut and dry that the activity did take place, abject and sincere apology is the best way to go especially in a morally uptight culture like South Korea. Top Hallyu idol group Big Bang‘s member T.O.P. (Choi Seung Hyun) hit the scandal brick wall last week when it was announced that he was being charged for marijuana use for activity back in October 2016. His hair follicles tested positive and a girl who was investigated along with him confessed to the use and implicated him.

T.O.P. has admitted guilt and handwritten a personal direct apology letter to his fans promising to take his punishment and reflect on his poor decision and vows never to do it again. This week the fallout comes with him being dismissed from his cushy military police unit assignment as part of his mandatory service, and he will have to re-enroll in the army and restart his service time frame. That’s pretty legit punishment along with what will likely be community service and probation from the law enforcement side. Harsh for weed but since it’s an illegal drug in South Korea best to stay on the straight and narrow.


T.O.P. Dismissed From Military Police Division and Must Re-enroll in Army for Mandatory Service — 17 Comments

  1. Just dont do anything illegal next time.
    It maybe legal n d other part of d world
    But it is still illegal in this part of the world.
    Be wise

  2. Life is more than just enjoying wonderful days.
    If you have wrongdoings,
    admit them and correct them.
    No matter how hard and humiliating it is,
    living while directly facing the pain is also a life.
    Live the rest of your life while atoning your sins.
    That’s the only way to restart.
    ( Chicago typewriter quote)

    • Holy Smoke!
      Theses lines are in ‘Chicago Typewriter’!
      I’ve not seen this drama but these lines are quiet similiar to the lines said by Jang Hyuk several times in the past interviews regarding to his involvement in the military service scandal in 2004.
      How could writer and JH think along the same lines.

  3. I hope he’ll stay under the radar for long.

    It still angers me when I see how Bom’s reputation was ruined by her prescribed drugs while GD’s marijuana scandal just flew by.

    • Is it fair that’s she’s been treated poorly? No. Is it GD’s fault or TOP’s fault? No. The world is not a fair place.

  4. When I first read about the news, my first reaction was wow, why?. Then I felt sad because this young man had everything a bright future ahead of him. Is sad seeing someone that is admired and care in this situation, but I consciously refused to read more about this, as it gave me a weird feeling, called a bad feeling, now woke up this morming and Soompi is reporting that T.O.P. was found unconscious and is in the Hospital and has not woke up yet.

    Hopefully he wakes up, but I also hope that people learn that if you dont have nice things to say dont say it, dont pass judgement as no one really know why things like this really happen.

    Not that I’m defending someone breaking the law but smoking weed but words can really hurt people and no everyone cope with stress and stressful situations the same way.

  5. He’s in intensive care unit ! Overdose suspected . People always talk without knowing what sometimes one is suffering! Drugs are never the solution ! But each human being is different and feels things differently !

  6. To my understanding he suffers for deep depression, as many others artists, mostly in SKorea entertainment, because of the harsh life they live, under an agency that squeezes them to the last drop, and fans that treat them like animals in the zoo, and netizens that think they have a right to manage their life. We forgot they are humans being and there is a limited. Even though, I recognized going in the wrong path and break the laws are not the way or solutions .

    • rumour of depression or mental health is not excuse to make everyone sympathy for someone who od on his own,
      people can just move on
      this is stupid move and let the fan worry cause he “loves” his fans

      • @dea, your comment sounds so harsh and insensible. No one is asking for your sympathy and you don’t even know the whole situation to make such a stupid statement!! You move on.

  7. The latest update states his body was not in ‘critical care’ condition but they put him in Intensive Care to be isolated from fans. I really don’t care whether he smokes weed or not, lots of musicians do all over the world. I’ve heard it helps artists get their feelings when they write or perform music. I’m not sure S. Korea being such a strict society will ever open up to weed or whatever drugs. Maybe, he should emigrate to USA and live there forever if he wants to continue with drugs. Just don’t do a MJ or Prince since drug effects tend to wear off in the long run and you are forced to continually increase the doses you take, and one day it could kill you.

    • weed need to be regulated for people that need it, not for musician to get high in party cause they are normal human who doesn’t need it.

      If they indeed need it, go to doctor rather than doing illegal drug.

      • I don’t know TOP personally and have never been his fan. His mental state before this incident has not been disclosed. He might have had a personal need for weed to reduce whatever pain he might have – psychologically or physically.

  8. i don’t understand why so many people become so lack sympathy, please study again !, why marijuana is illegal in some countries?and i don’t think that countries not consider with the side effects from marijuana and just because he addicted that doesn’t mean he need that and he can’t stop that. it will great for him if he can be a survivor from marijuana,and he can be a role model for lot people too.

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