Moon Chae Won is Sultry and Elegant for Marie Claire Korea

She might not be the live-action Bride of the Water God but she’s certain a goddess in her own right already. Moon Chae Won has fully grown out her hair after chopping it boy length short for Goodbye Mr. Black, her last drama and a woeful misfire in ratings and writing. She has three straight hit dramas before that with Good Doctor, Nice Guy, and The Princess’s Man, so all she needs is to pick her next drama wisely and deliver her unique brand of plucky and earnest heroines and she’s back on track. I think the K-version of Criminal Minds is a wise choice for her and I hope she’s going to keep her long hair for that role. She’s rocking sophisticated lady threads in the pages of Marie Claire Korea March edition, showing off discreet skin that is super sexy in the restraint. Her hair also frames her face beautifully softening the roundness and giving her a mature warmth.


Moon Chae Won is Sultry and Elegant for Marie Claire Korea — 10 Comments

  1. I prefer her with long hair. Her face doesn’t suit short hair.

    I’m really curious about Criminal Minds !

  2. I am so happy that she’s doing Criminal Minds with my fave Lee Jun Ki. It’s a combination of both male and female leads that I genuinely like. And Criminal Minds production seems to be so secretive, I am so grateful that it is not over-hyped and based on the production team’s track record, I have confidence that it will deliver.

    • Icing on this lovely cake actor combo of Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won.News just came in yesterday that they added Director Lee Jung Hyo who directed the first Korean american remake on TVN ‘The Good wife’ and crime action thriller romance drama ‘Heartless City.Both dramas received good reviews and the good wife actually did pretty well.Now I’m desperately wishing this drama is a success.If there are any two artists, who deserve to be working in only quality productions, and reaping huge rewards, it’s these two.Namoo Actors let’s go?.Fighting!

  3. She is a beauty inside and out. I love how she always chooses strong female characters with a backbone (even though some are not strongly written ahem GMB) and goes for interesting characters though she might not be the focus of attention or have a big role. She is an artist who’s not after a good image or popularity which makes her humble and relatable. She may not get a big role in Criminal Minds but she will definitely make it her own and shine ?

  4. I am so glad she went back to her long hair cause she looks AMAZING. She pulled off the cut well but her face suits long hair better. Can’t wait for her Emily Prentiss character…I know she will kill it!

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