Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan Confirmed as Leads for Upcoming Fantasy Epic C-drama Legend of Fuyao

Good news is better when confirmed fast and this confirmation satisfied my excited appetite for a potentially great onscreen drama pairing. Last night the Chinese drama fans were treated to a drama cast flirting via Weibo that put to rest the leads for the upcoming C-drama adaptation of romance novel Empress Fuyao. C-actress Yang Mi has been cast for a month now and started costume fitting but the public was eagerly awaiting who would be her leading man coming off her mega successful last drama pairing with Mark Chao in Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms.

Yang Mi started off with her Weibo post of “Hello, I am taking medicine, you are? @RuanJingTian”. The Chinese phrase “taking medicine” (fuyao) has the same pronunciation as her character Fuyao so that was cute, and was clear once she Weibo tagged Ethan (Chinese name Ruan Jing Tian). He then replied “Hello, I am dancing concubine. You are? @YangMi”, with the Chinese phrase “dancing concubine” (wuji) the same pronunciation as his character’s name in the drama Prince Chang Sun Wu Ji. So there you have it, MiMi and Ethan as the next blockbuster drama OTP for Legend of Fuyao (drama title) so start your countdown for 2018!


Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan Confirmed as Leads for Upcoming Fantasy Epic C-drama Legend of Fuyao — 9 Comments

  1. Glad to see Ethan back after being frozen by his management. He’s a great actor but often embroiled in trouble coz of his temper.

  2. I appreciate how Chinese actresses act in one or more productions per year, no matter how popular they are. Yang Mi also has another modern drama to be filmed. Whereas in Korea, top actresses disappear for years after a successful project.

  3. Ethan Ruan’s Weibo post actually says, “Hello, I am dancing (skills/moves). You are?” His post uses 舞技 (dancing skills/moves), not 舞妓 (dancing concubine/geisha).

    I’m excited to see this! I haven’t read the novel yet, but I have a soft spot for both Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan. I can’t wait to see the costuming!

  4. Still can’t watch her. She is still so obviously aware of herself acting when she acts that it distracts me.

  5. They both are nice actors. But I usually found C drama or movie adaptations either miscast or much less interesting than the original novels. Gu Man’s drama adaptations are exceptions. I’ve quit watching or fast forwarding so many popular adaptations including Three Lives Ten Miles Peach Blossoms, BBJX, General and I, Song in the Desert, and Song of the Clouds, etc…. Rather, I found the writing styles of these C writers and the stories under their pens fascinating. These C writers’ skills in classic Chinese language are impressive. I appreciate Koala for introducing me to C novels and my Chinese has greatly improved thanks to constant and intensive reading online on almost a daily basis.

    Thank you for sharing this casting news. Most likely I’ll check novels but skip the dramas if I’m not attracted to main leads. ?????

  6. My first Chinese TV series I have not dropped. Although the Eng subtitles are a bit to quick to read the actors are awesome, the chemistry of the main characters continually keep me drawn to each episode.

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