Bride of the Water God Releases Supporting Cast Stills of Krystal, Im Joo Hwan, and Gong Myung

We’ve only see the water god and the bride in all the previews so far for upcoming tvN drama adaption of Bride of the Water God, which is fine for fans of leads Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung, but clearly it takes more than the two leads to make a compelling story. Now we finally get to see the main supporting cast of Krystal, Im Joo Hwan, and Gong Myung. Krystal plays the goddess of water moo Ra while Gong Myung may be baby-faced but he’s played Bi Ryun the god of heaven. Im Joo Hwan is playing a human character and from his list in the first stills likely the antagonist. Krystal is a top actress in the modern times and Gong Myung is a top star, though I doubt being famous and popular has anything on being a magical deity. I can’t tell much whether this casting will work or not but the unknown factor keeps Bride on my to-watch list.


Bride of the Water God Releases Supporting Cast Stills of Krystal, Im Joo Hwan, and Gong Myung — 21 Comments

      • but IJH needs to be the lead , i do think that NJH still need more experience to be lead

      • I agree, but my point is why is he getting typecast when he can obviously do much more

    • Yes he owns to be the lead in a drama, but playing a villain is always more interesting and it can help ! See Nam Bong Nim in “girl who sees smell” and “Remenber, war of a son” is stole the spotlight to YoocHun and Yoo Seun Ho! Just my opinion.

  1. It’s frustrating that someone talented like IJH is relegated to second lead roles while others like Suzy get lead roles handed to them on a platter -_-

  2. Love Im Ju Hwan! He does seem to be very underrated in Korea. But he’s the only reason I would bother watching Bride of the Water God.

  3. I agree..Why is Im Ju Hwan never the lead? He should be the Water God instead!!! Not sure if NJH can carry the drama, they should be swapped roles. I like him but don’t think he’s ready for the leading role yet. His role in Weightlifting Fairy was not that difficult to play and I’m not sure if he can emote although he’s good looking.

    Mmm….Gods in human forms with jobs in entertainment. It’s just weird. I don’t know how it will turn out…. Plus the female lead is underwhelming and bland. I’m only liking IJH and Gong Myung in the cast.

  4. Totally, IJH is hot! Great actor. I am happy I can watch IJH again after the very boring UF… I can always use my fast-forward button to watch the very talented IJH 🙂

  5. IJW has the only compelling stills/imagery i’ve seen out of all the Bride promos. Everything else looks so bland. I’m still not feeling most of the casting. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if he acts circles around the rest of the cast and is 10x more charismatic. I do hope it’s at least entertaining though..

  6. IJH looks flawless.. too bad he isnt the lead.
    everything else is bland compared to IJH.
    I like SSK, but I dont know NJH.
    his weightlifting fairys role was fine bcause it was just tipical boynextdoor chara, but this one??

  7. The only one that looks like a real god is Im Joo Hwan. He has such an immortal aura surrounding him and he also looks regal.

  8. aigoo….look at Im Joo Hwan.he is just brimming with charisma.This is sad, why is he still playing second leads???.I still can’t imagine how this drama would have been, if Lee Joon Gi or Lee Soo Hyuk(if they really need a younger male lead) was playing Mui, Kim Ji Won was playing Soah.Im Joo Hwan would maintain his role.Im Joo Eun playing Mura.

  9. Also there is one god of heaven who nails that role like?:
    pages,the current ruler of the mask,Yoo Seung Ho-ya,why didn’t you sign up for this? Didnt you guys love the pretty, flirty jade emperor in arang and the magistrate.Oh and Kim So Hyun his current female lead would have worked in this too as soah or mura she does both good and evil quite well.

    Anyway what’s done is done.Im Joo Hwan find strength.To the rest of the other cast.Lets hope everything turns out well.

  10. Im joo hwan suits Hae Baek character more and his acting skill is far more superior. Why isn’t he the lead? Is Yg power that big?

  11. LOL. Just looking at Krystal’s still pictures already gets me worried. Like -_-

    Only Im Joo Hwan gives that actor vibe among all the still shots I’ve seen so far. For Im Joo Hwan, I wish this drama would be a success. So that people in Korea can see what a great actor they’re missing out on.

  12. IMJ..Looks so handsome. Only super talented actors can really play villains to the hilt. It’s totally difficult to act as psychos. He was great in Oh My Ghostess. Nam Goong Min made me totally hate him in Remember Son’s War. Same like Um Ki Joon in The Defendant and Park Solomon (that creepo student in Lookout) and rookie Jang Mi Kwan (crazy wacko serial killer in Strong Woman DBS) They were all really good!

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