Jo Jung Seok and Han Ji Min Offered Lead Roles in Fall 2017 K-drama Two Cops

The drama production train continues despite the doom and gloom of ongoing ratings and advertising woes, which is good for us viewers so long as maintaining quality can still be sustained. The fresh casting news on the K-drama front this week has established drama and movie stars Han Ji Min and Jo Jung Seok in talks to partner up for the fall 2017 supernatural and police themed romance drama Two Cops. He’s up for the male lead, a righteous hard hitting cop who’s life is turned upside down when his body gets taken over by the soul of a shyster. Han Ji Min will be playing a reporter who chases down stories and has to deal with the souls sharing a body shtick, which sounds too much like the situation in her last drama Hyde, Jekyll, Me that I have to shake off the shivers and hope that this is nothing like that trainwreck. Neither the leads nor the network has been confirmed for Two Cops but I’lll keep my eye out and see what materializes in the next few weeks.

Two Cops won a scriptwriting competition and will likely air on MBC, and I hope the execution is wholly original because each element from police theme, reporter love interest, and body possession have all been done many times before in K-dramas that it no longer seems even remotely intriguing on its own. If Jo Jung Seok and Han Ji Min confirm then this will mark their third time working together, first in Fatal Encounter the movie and last year she did a cameo in his drama Incarnation of Jealousy.


Jo Jung Seok and Han Ji Min Offered Lead Roles in Fall 2017 K-drama Two Cops — 31 Comments

  1. I love JJS but seems I need to pass his drama with much regret due to HJM, I don’t think I can endure a 16 episodes of having her regardless my love for JJS.

  2. I still can’t recover from my fear of HJM after that very disappointing drama… I will pass if she is the lead as I really can’t stand her monotonous voice ?

    • oh my……don’t get so stressed…once you think the drama or the actress isn’t your type. just skip it! you’re putting yourself in danger.

  3. HJM reminds me of Song Ji Hyo.Pretty but very bland and monotone in dramas.Its funny how they keep offering HJM leading roles.wasnt she like the second consideration for suspicious partner after Lee Sung Kyung’s casting fell through?

    I heard she was ok in ‘fatal encounter’ the movie with Hyun Bin as the lead.JJS was in there too so maybe it might work, since they have been cast together before. Plus JJS can create chemistry even with a tree, but they can at least save the problem, by looking for a female on par with his abilities.The last good drama of HJM I liked was rooftop prince and that was like five years ago.

  4. Yes, he needs a female lead on par with him. HJM is on my list for being bland and underwhelming. He deserves better because he always bring it, and more. If it had been another actor in Jealousy Incarnate, I would have hated the character. Hope she rejects it. And I don’t want any underaged idol as the female lead either.

    • How about Jun Ji Hyun?she is just year younger than JJS.Maybe working with a different writer will do wonders to her acting, so she will not play another Cheon So yi version 3.0.

  5. They should cast YEH – at least great kissing scenes guaranteed given JJS and YEH are tops in this dept.

    The K-drama scene is pretty dismal. Haven’t seen any after W. Lot of good reviews and yet can’t get up the enthusiasm for 16+ episodes.

    So returned to J-drama. Also not that good as before but shorter. I really liked Quartet though.

    • Try Suspicious Partner. I really recommend it. Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun are cute together and the story is really interesting. Not your average rom-com.

      • Ok thanks will check it out!

        PS: Ugh my earlier comments seem sort of duplicated, I thought the first didn’t go though,

    • Not HJM nor YEH…, both are over rated. Besides YEH is not that likeable by Korean viewers, they prefer HJM to be honest…, but both are bad choices for JJS.

  6. YEH perhaps, with 2 od the best kissers in dramaland at least some good kisses will be guaranteed.

    Not very enthusiastic about K dramas of late, W was the last I watched. J dramas seem lukewarm too though I quite enjoyed Quartet.

  7. Rumour was it mighy air on SBS on Mon Tuesday night. Would love JJS TO BE BACK IN DRAMAKAND… but sceptical about HJM. Shes just so lukewarm

  8. Her acting is plain and boring to me lately. I know that she’s popular. Her partners keep praising her about being pretty and kind but that’s all. I’m happy that NJH took the role instead, she has good chemistry with JCW . I’m sad , i like JJS acting. How more dramas must i drop out because of the bad acting of one of the leads ?

  9. May be second time will be the charm for Han Ji_min with this kind of story .

    One time I felt unpleasant like this is when I heard about Yoo Ah_in and Shin Se_kyung reunion in SFD ( they were costars in disastrous Fashion king). But SFD turned out to be ok although it is less about romance and more about politics.

    So I will also have some hope for Han Ji_min.

  10. Han Ji Min made a grave mistake by taking Hyde, Jekyll and Me. She was so terrible mainly because of her character and that unexciting storyline and subpar romance line. Her acting is actually a hit or a miss and I think she needs to consider well her projects and the types of characters she takes. But I really love Jo Jung Seok and he was excellent on Jealousy Incarnate and My Annoying Brother. I consider him as the king of dramedy (drama+comedy). [SPOILER] I still can’t forget how realistic and heart wrenching his crying scene was in JI when he found out that there was a high possibility that he would be infertile. And straight from a humorous scene.

  11. Wow, i never thought that everyone here don’t really like HJM acting. i never see her drama so i don’t really know about her. I’m happy because JJS will comeback but i want his female lead someone who can act as good as him! Otherwise it would be such a waste.

      • Hmmm…. I don’t think Ms Koala is infusing any anti-movement towards HJM. HJM is just plain boring & a bad actress. For those who have watched her dramas, please rate her. I give her a 3/10.

      • Looks like this is so…Better keep away from this site if you are an ardent HJM fan. I have never watched nor do I like JJS. So, I have nothing to comment on him. But putting HJM at such a disadvantage is not fair at all. Give her a chance. Not ALL viewers out there are JJS fans either.

  12. lol! you’d better not watch her projects matter whom she starred with. such a pain in the ass and a waste of time watching an actress you hated most. i t’s more than a year that i’ve watched 1 whole kdrama (and that was ‘Jealousy Incarnate’). probably because i don’t want to waste my time watching someone that i don’t like to watch to. i’m into Taiwanese drama for now….

    … rated her 3/10..that’s so generous of you then….once i think an actress is plain boring and worsts in acting i’ll give her a negative. means below zero.

    • @Cath .I used to Watch Taiwanese drama a long time ago. I’d like to rekinkle with it. Would you mind give me some titles of good ones to Watch it . Thanks.

      • Behind Your Smile…..lead actor: Marcus Chang….love his smile though. just finish watching a movie too by Vic Zhou…’A Moment Of Love’. I’m hooked to Taiwan films but it doesn’t mean I close my doors to any good movies/ dramas in Korea. ….but lately negative comments either to an actress or an actor turn me off. Sometimes pessimistic netizens help me not to watch certain dramas.

      • Thanks ! Don’t always trust negative comments about some dramas (unless you don’t like the actors) cause lately i’ve been bored by some rom coms and try a few thriller and scy fi dramas and was happily surprised ! Just saying . Thanks again.

      • I also watched Behind Your Smile and was indeed mesmerized by Marcus’ mysterious smile. ?That drama turned me into his fan.

  13. @cahil…..yeah! right!but admit it or not negative comments really affect you in choosing what to watch. Especially the one who commented really hated a certain actor or actress. Irresponsible netizens really piss you off if you really want to dig into their level too. I see people defend their biases and maybe some were just being silent acting like I don’t care. These kind of people i think grew in a peaceful community and it does reflect whom they idolize.

    ……i am a picky viewer though i hate no actresses neither actors. personally, i don’t question their abilities since i’m not a producer myself. i choose movies/ dramas that is worthy of my time though. any genre will do as long as i feel liking it to watch to. And one thing i’m into Taiwanese films….maybe because I haven’t read a bunch full of eyeball rolling comments. jejeje…..

  14. @Drama2017…..he had a drama before Behind Your Smile think going to watch it if i have lots of extra time. And Yes! I’m a new fan too! glad to meet you…

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