Ha Ji Won Casual at Airport and Goes Glam for Max Mara Event in Hong Kong

Stars are glamorous by trade but oftentimes I find myself admiring their normal folk casual looks more. It’s likely due to their looks and aura that they made simple jeans and a t-shirt look way more alluring, and there is also the reverse effect of getting glammed up and ending up looking older or dated. K-actress Ha Ji Won is getting travel in this week, good idea before she boards the Hospital Ship later this summer. She went to Hong Kong for a Max Mara event and was snapped at the airport looking stylish for travel in dark jeans, white tee, and beige blazer. She was looking less fly at the actual Max Mara event where I legit don’t like anything on her whether it’s the ruched watermelon colored dress with wide belt or the oversized baby blue cashmere long coat she donned over it. And less makeup please my darling, Ha Ji Won honestly looks the best being effortlessly natural.


Ha Ji Won Casual at Airport and Goes Glam for Max Mara Event in Hong Kong — 12 Comments

  1. those sponsored clothes look such a misfit. I never shop at MaxMara. I much prefer her airport look. Nice jeans, but the cropped bottoms look a bit weird… is this the new trend?

  2. Seems like she has aged a little…She used to be so unlike her age previously.

    Guess only Song Hye Kyo aged backwards. She still looks young next to Song Joong Ki.

    • Aging isn’t a flaw or a weakness, it’s just an inevitable part of life. She’s a very fit, beautiful woman in her 30’s.

      • Don’t get me wrong, not saying aging is a flaw/weakness. She always look young so i am a little surprised, maybe its just these photos.

        Btw I heard that SHK and SJK were spotted in Bali together recently so they are dating for real?! There’s even talk about marriage! Oh well.

  3. I don’t know. HJW can be somewhat over-rated – whether acting or looks imo.

    Her hair has always bothered me, in dramas etc.
    Even when in “effortlessly natural” mode the way it falls/the part etc has always come across as ‘off’. Top heavy, and proportions skewed. Or maybe it’s just the shape of her head/face. She always seemed too top heavy. The only time I think she looks ok – is in period drama.

    • Her voice has always bothered me, but I realise that’s a personal nitpick – she does have a lot of fans, and in general, I think her emotional acting is all right.

      Also this is the first time I’m hearing her called top heavy – she’s a very slim woman and has never stuck me as looking top heavy at all.

      • She always come across as big boned to me, not necessarily fat, but not slim either.

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