SBS Offers Seo Hyun Jin Upcoming Mon-Tues K-drama Rom-com The Temperature of Love

The lovely Seo Hyun Jin can do wrong in my eyes, she’s amazing in all her dramas but truly has broken out last year with the cable romance drama Another Oh Hae Young followed up hit medical drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Looks like SBS knows a good thing in her as well as she’s been offering the leading lady role in the network’s late summer Mon-Tues romantic drama The Temperature of Love. I already love it from the title alone. It’s about the complicated and interconnected romantic lives of young people, and that vagueness doesn’t worry me when I think of Seo Hyun Jin portraying such character with nuance and depth. If confirmed the drama will take over after Falsify with Namgong Min, which is the drama that airs after Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo‘s My Sassy Girl wraps up.

The Temperature of Love is written by the screenwriter Ha Myung Hee who penned Doctors, High Society, One Warm Word, and Can We Get Married.


SBS Offers Seo Hyun Jin Upcoming Mon-Tues K-drama Rom-com The Temperature of Love — 12 Comments

  1. Totally looking forward to this! She is such a good actress and she was the only reason OHYA did so well in my opinion. I wasn’t too excited by her character in RDTK, but in actuality it was Han Suk Kyu who was the pulling force in that drama. She’s good at playing morally ambiguous and nuanced characters and this drama sounds like having a character like that.

    • Agreed, she was the one who truly made Oh Hae-young into a living. breathing character you could always sympathise with even if you couldn’t identify with her – she absolutely kills it in emotional scenes. I’m so happy for her rise, she deserves it and I hope she goes on to have a long and prestigious career.

  2. I really like her as actress. I discovered her in Su baek hyang, which was a good drama but draggy and since then I watched almost every other drama with her. I’ll keep track of this new drama.

  3. This writer needs good actors pull off her dramas. Unfortunately Sung Joon and UEE were too bad. Luckily Park Hyung Sik saved that mess High Society..

  4. as much as i love song hye kyo and she has improved so much over the years, but seo hyun jin is the more talent one. Song Hye Kyo might be already too big of a star to act in a small screen, unless it’s a big project drama. so it’s a win win solution. Ha Myung Hee is a hit and a miss i guess. but I really love her ‘can we get married’ drama. might be all she need is a good pd to pull it off. and with seo hyun jin acting chop to pull it off. hope they choose a good actor alongside her.

  5. Ah crap I didn’t like the writer. I’ve watched 3 of her dramas and they are so meh. It was only bearable because I liked some of the actors.

    Will watch it though as SHJ can do no wrong in my eyes. She can probably make an idiotic weak assed stupid naive impulsive heroine likable. Or real.

  6. Seo Hyun Jin? She reminds me Joo Won. They are good actor but bit overacted. I prefer Jung Yumi than her in terms of acting. More natural. This writer also meh.

    • lol what? Seo Hyun-jin’s acting style is totally different from Joo Won’s, I agree he sometimes overacts but she is not even close to that.

  7. Ha Myung Hee hasn’t matched the brilliance of Can We Get Married in the years since, but if she could, and if Seo Hyun Jin was the female lead, it would be amazing.

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