Suzy Gets Her Own Marilyn Monroe Skirt Moment at Fendi Event in Seoul

When one tries to recreate an iconic moment it mostly seems silly and sad, likely trying too hard with the end result a facsimile of a facsimile. When an iconic moment of sorts happens by chance then it’s pretty cute and the wind gods were on Suzy‘s side this past weekend at a Fendi event in Seoul. Suzy was in attendance wearing a simple and lovely black day dress when the overwhelming windiness of the day sent her dress bottoms flying much like Marilyn Monroe standing on top of a subway grate in The Seven Year Itch. Suzy tried her best to keep her modesty and succeeded if you ask me, I didn’t see any undergarments and she managed to look charming and mussed with all that wind tickling.


Suzy Gets Her Own Marilyn Monroe Skirt Moment at Fendi Event in Seoul — 9 Comments

  1. It’s too wrong to compare the iconic Marilyn Monroe to Suzy, even when they had the similar ’’skirt lift’’ happening to both of them… Also her hair looks terrible like this. Should have just kept her short cut instead of attaching some extensions. Also that outfit doesn’t match her body type and those shoes are ugly and that bag doesn’t match. Why are these brand clothes so ugly lately? Same with Louis Vuitton..

  2. eh, she looks like what she usually comes across as – a nice girl not overburdened by intelligence. The windy skirt is about all the Marilyn resemblance she’ll ever have.

    • hey check the Fendi boots online. those fabric is not separate socks, that’s the whole boot. looks quite nice with a cute bow on the side. cost 1150 pounds! I like the boots with pompoms, cost is a bit cheaper at 1050 pounds… hahaha… i can only dream…

  3. Her dress is lovely but why does she not try to use little bit of brain and hold the plates together then smooth them to her hand’s length. Seriously I’ve saved my modesty in much shorter skirts on such fateful occasions.It’s not her fault and honestly she looks pretty but her dress is not as unmanagable as Marlin’s nor the wind is that strong.

  4. I like Fendi, this brand now has a youthful vibe & is very cute. I like her dress, the bag, the bag strap, and the boots (may be without the green). Nice ??

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