The Drama Cast of Bride of the Water God Goes All White for Poster Shoot


Whatever the quality ends up being with the drama adaptation of Bride of the Water God, it’s looking like the drama has enough fan base and the cast buzzworthy to bring in the viewership curious to check it out. I guess casting idols and younger leads has that upside, and I for one am genuinely interested to see how the production has transformed the narrative from fantasy period setting to modern day with the central conceit intact. The cast gathered in a field of green to shoot the drama posters, contrasting nicely with their all white ensemble attire. Second male lead Gong Myung even has complementary silver-white hair but it’s male lead Nam Joo Hyuk‘s full bodied locks I love the most. Shin Se Kyung‘s just below the shoulder light brown hair also suits her beautifully while Krystal looks perfectly cast with her haughty look as the goddess of water. Poor Im Joo Hwan looks like the odd man out and I hope his role is memorable even as the likely antagonist.


The Drama Cast of Bride of the Water God Goes All White for Poster Shoot — 11 Comments

  1. IJH looks the tallest in the group picture. Can’t he be the Water God instead? IJH stands out as the best of the group ?? Just look at him, he commands power ??

  2. It feels so cheap to make it a modern drama. I´ve read the manhwa and it´s totally gorgeous. The water kingdom, the moon palace, the hanboks. If an adaptation was worth making was to recreate the beauty the author draw in those pages, not the story so much. It´s so upsetting they´re doing this.

    • This, the content of the story in itself isn’t as good as those illustrations and without the Haebak/Mui angle…what else was there. I can’t believe they went this way, making it more like an adaptation with lot more creative license. I think they did not get enough money to do a full fledge fantasy genre.

  3. It reminds me The Liar and his Lover. There were a lot of pictures and teasers at the beginning and I was very disapointed by this drama…

  4. I have read the manhwa and one of the main reason for loving it, is the gorgeous makeup, hairstyles, clothing, and background with the palaces (although the story started dragging on). I guess with this drama, we will have to watch it with a mindset of it taking inspiration (if you can even call it that) from the manhwa instead of it being a drama adaptation. Similar to watching Moon Lovers without the mindset of it being related BBJX.

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