Elle Korea Features the Incomparable Jeon Ji Hyun in July 2017 Edition

Modern day celebrity has diluted the aura and mystique of what used to constitute stardom, it’s basically DIY with some sort of social media account and a lot of shameless gumption. That makes it more special to witness and appreciate true stars for having the beauty and charisma to warrant acknowledgment of their aspirational power. In the K-ent realm movie actress Jeon Ji Hyun occupies that vaunted perch, it doesn’t matter that she’s married and a mom, or has movie or drama projects that are anything less than blockbuster successes. She just has the It Factor and for that she’s worthy of consistent following. Jeon Ji Hyun is in the pages of the July edition of Elle Korea in a pictorial titled The Unseen, with a concept that seems to be Jeon Ji Hyun in a random hotel, yet she makes every snapshot feel alive with her preternatural ability to look magnificent from any angle, pose, and outfit. All hail the fashion queen!


Elle Korea Features the Incomparable Jeon Ji Hyun in July 2017 Edition — 24 Comments

  1. She is good looking but why don’t I see any mystique aura around her? There are numerous k actresses whom camera loves and who are also extraordinarily talented. I don’t think using social media harms the aura around the stars if they know how to hanfle it with care.
    Don’t forget she gets to wear most beautiful clothes, high quality makeup and is photographed by most competent experts. So this is also secret of her beauty. It’s the personal choice to like somebody but raising them to the level of God/Godess and worshiping them continuously is bit childish.

    • And the way you drag her like this is childish. If you don’t like her, then ingnore her. Why has to be negative on them? Enjoy your life =))

      • But I like her and I definitely did not intend to drag her towards malice. Read my commemt again. It’s actually directed towards the people who are star-struk and don’t understand how these actors actually creates a certain kind of image about them which is definitely far from their reality. I also think with proper grooming, training, money and off-course luck a lot of people can achieve similiar affect. So it’s alright to like someone but elevating them to heavenly realm is immature.

    • You dont see it maybe bec you don’t like her.. her mystique aura has always been there since she was in her early 20’s she stays away from public eye as much as posibble when it doesn’t involve her work, its like because she deprives her fans of herself thats why many where craving for her… shes also super funny, shes more like a comedian than an actress.. but also she’s elegant and cute and classy at the same time..

  2. Wow so beautiful and elegant… AND yeah, arcane! Her style in the Legend of the Blue Sea doesn’t do her any justice…

    • BTW, I’ve never been her fan nor do I consider her a fashion goddess. To be honest, I’m not impressed by her acting skills and style. But be fair, she looks really elegantly alluring in these pictorials. I usually found myself less attracted to Korean female celebrities’ looks and physiques. But JJH in this photo shoot is one of very few exceptions.

      • She does look beautiful in pictorials and can’t take that away from her.Even in this one, she looks pretty.But I must agree with you.I almost snorted when I read that “stardom has lost its meaning and has been diluted because of using social media”.Maybe that would apply here in the West with the kardashian types of stars but I wouldn’t say that generally applies to the actors and actresses in Korea.Iam more drawn to down to earth k-stars who make an effort to interact with their fans.Social Media done right especially for hallyu star/commercial actor types like her is actually a smart business move.

        So do Song Hye Kyo and Kim Tae Hee and who are her agemates and the ones who are often compared to her lose their so called “goddess aura” because they have social media accounts?

        How about Gong Hyo Jin who is also a fashion icon in her own right?Ha Ji Won?or even if we go higher in the actress ranks we have actress Bae Doona for example?do these women lose their aura just because they have social media accounts?

        It’s one thing to have a bias and praise an artist you like.its another thing to worship them while insulting every other artist who is just using every other method to sustain their career.

        Just like the usual kpop male fan service culture of “I’m forever fan boyfriend il never date and die a Virgin’ is an image used for them to survive.In the k-actor world..the am mysterious act she uses is just simply an image too..and very common.they are human beings just like us before they are stars. they got quirks, flaws and all just like everyone else.An actress’s job is to act and that’s it.They are all one and the same to me…if they do a good job, they will earn my respect with whatever aura or lack of they have.

      • I don’t think that ” that stardom has lost its meaning because of social media” . In my opinion is just that there are new actors every month with each new projects and they career don’t last like in old times for them to be remembered. In France for ex we have C Sophie Marceau, Isabelle Huppert ,in USA Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise.. Nowadays i think that’s casi impossible for someone to have such long careers… Another times… And iconic roles make the stars ! Sassy girl, Marty McFly, Pretty Woman, Indiana Jones,…

      • @rubyred
        Thanks for getting my point. There are lot of Korean actors/actresses whom I like and who also happen to use social media. They don’t flash their private life by any mean but only use it as a medium to communicate with their fans while maintaining a respectful distance. I really like it better when stars are approachable and don’t come across as a species from different planet.

      • My comment actually came across kind of mean but I was really scared when I watched her thighs and arms. I did not want to sound mean and everybody has different body types but I worry a lot of women who idolize her may try to immitate her while starving. Thank God her face is full and quiet big and her clothes are hiding most of her body.

  3. Hey y’all negative people here. Try look as perfect as her while in your thirties and given birth already and still maintain the same skin, face, body and hair from your twenties for over a decade. She looks very beautiful and youthful. These pictures aren’t the best but one can’t deny her beauty.

  4. i agree with u koala… she’s the best…. she’s been absent for too long then bham!!! She’s become more ethereal, hope u feature the pap pic wd her little family on a date on father’s day! Looks like a devoted and hands on parents….

  5. JJH will always have the ‘Goddess’ title for me. She is like the SK Gigi Hadid. All her photos look amazing. She is tall and has a typical model stature. It’s true that even if her dramas/movies aren’t that successful doesn’t shift that status. The name ‘JJH’ is enough.

    • SK Gigi Hadid??? Girl please. Gigi Hadid isn’t nearly at a level in which JJH is in her own home country, which is being an icon, beauty queen and an actress people look forward to. Gigi is pretty and a good editorial model but that’s about it. More accurate comparison would have been Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts

  6. Urgh why after jun ji hyun did legend of the blue sea recently she received a lot of bad comment? Before this no one dare to speak badly about her. All i heard was the praise on her acting and visual. Now people keep talking like she is overrate.? Puhlease.. Do stans of her co stars want to blame her latest drama fail because of her? Please.. she still better visual and actor compare to others..

    • In her home country JJH always recieved bad comments for her lacklusterness on big screen. But she was a top CF star like Shin Min Ah and popular but after her marriage her luck overshooted. She was in superhit movies like Thieves and Berlin Files followed by MLFTS then Assasination. So international audience started holding her upto holy realms. But check her filmography and you’ll see how shrewed she really is with the role choices. She is certainly good at certain kind of roles but she seldom chooses a role which make her look a simple human and non-glamorous. Her larger than life presence and perfectly shot visuals on the screen dazzled people like crazy. Don’t you think before MLFTS she was just known as Sassy Girl to international audiences? Just remember after Siamdang Lee Young Ae got bad reviewes for her acting which I always thought was extremely lackluster. Both LYA and JJH are friends and JJH kind of modeled herself after her including her so called mysteriousness. They always make sure to keep their onscreen persona upto the level of their most popular roles and keep exploiting it again and again.Hope someday they shed their vanity for sake of their roles someday like a Gong Hyo Jin.
      And one more thing international readers reactions are quiet different to k stars than domestic ones. For example koala posted the pic of Ha Ji Won coming out of airport here a few days ago but read the korean websites comments which were full of negetivity for her like calling her old hag, plastic, ajjuma and try hard. Why it was like that I don’t know. She never said and did anything wrong as far as I remember. The same way JJH and LYA also get negetive comments which don’t reach to international readers.

      • Thanks for the long explaination but as far as i knew lee young ae already has negative comment before saimdang airing because of her long absent from entertainment industry..

      • Yes she had but for another reasons. Let’s just say like k-netizen say JJH and LYA are top female stars of Korea but not top actresses. They surely put huge efforts in reaching where they are and let’s respect that. People are overwhelmingly success concious so they overlook the necessary aspects of a real artist.You get a hit and people adore you and a flop people worship you.I just hope someday JJH could break my notions about her and do something different. She is pretty and charismatic but probability is she will play safe. She even didn’t change her hair style so that she can always loo like herself on the screen. She is not devoid of talent in my eyes but I want more fron her especially now her beauty is fading. She looks awsome in this pictorial but that’s just make up and photoshop because I noticed in earlier events she was thoroughly wrinkled afterall she has given birth.

  7. &Readerschoice i also a mother with a child but i do not look as good as her. To maintain the face and body such as her is not an easy task for us woman with kid.. but i agree with you that she could not play safe anymore. I think she has the talent. Her acting always come naturally imo..

    • I too think she is quiet talented but she needs to work with a competent director who could explore her thoroughly. You can’t keep repeating yourself unless you want to make your fans disintrested.
      Yes life is not easy after being a mother I think that’s why LYA took such long hiatus. But believe me your skin would have looked as wonderful as JJH if you had that much money to maintain yourself.?
      On the side note as I have mentioned LYA then let me talk about her costar Song Seung Heon. He gets one of the most hateful k netizen comments among A listers. He got several nicknames for himself. But still people were nice towards him for his acting in Siamdang.

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