UEE Turns Down KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life and in Talks for Time-travel Drama Manhole Opposite Jaejoong

Fans of idol-actress UEE can breath of sigh of relief hearing that she’s turned down the KBS weekend drama offer for My Golden Life. One of her most popular roles was in the weekend drama Ojakkyo Brothers opposite Joo Won but she really hasn’t had a real hit since then, not even with weekend melodrama Golden Rainbow. What made My Golden Life a rather precarious proposition was that her male lead would likely be Park Shi Hoo who remains mired in past sexual scandal remnants and himself trying to return to the good graces of drama fans. So it’s probably a smart move for UEE to pass on My Golden Life, and lucky for her another offer went her way also from KBS. The network is courting her as the female lead for time-traveling romance drama Manhole, which is in talks with Jaejoong to star as the time-traveling male lead. If he accepts it will be the first drama since his military service discharge earlier this year.

Manhole is about a young man who time-travels via a manhole to prevent an upcoming wedding and also struggling with being unable to focus on his studies to pass the civil service exam. It takes over the time slot from Seven Days Queen and is from the screenwriter of TEN.


UEE Turns Down KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life and in Talks for Time-travel Drama Manhole Opposite Jaejoong — 7 Comments

  1. I like Uee and Jaejoong and also time-travel dramas so I would definitely check this out if the leads stay. From the short description the story seems a little familiar to Proposal Daisakusen, especially if the referred wedding is the female lead’s wedding.

  2. Jaejoong has already confirmed. As for UEE….clever girl! Not trying to be judgmental, but she has her own career that she worked hard for to protect. If Park Shi Hoo is to return in dramaland as a convincing villain just like Kim Jae Wook in Voice, I am certain the public would be more forgiving and accepting of him for his talent instead of trying to pave his way as a prince charming (playing a chaebol yet again) when his scandalous history is tagging him all the way.

    • @Nifty you are absolutely right..girl has a whole life ahead of her.She is smart!!!she has to save her career first!she shouldn’t be doing charity work for an actor who is a decade older than her and get dragged iƱto potentially unnecessary netizen drama.

      Shi Hoo is a man already in his forties, his life is already made. he’s a man. and comes from wealthy background.The consequences of starring in that drama would affect UEE much much more than him..I wish her well.

  3. She was great in Marriage Contract! And I think that show did very well, didn’t she win an award for it? She does work hard, hoping she’ll confirm and the show will be successful!

    • Marriage Contract was my top drama of 2016. I was so pleasantly surprised by her acting. I only had seen her in You’re Beautiful a long time before and other projects starring her never made it on my watch list bc they weren’t my cup of tea.

  4. I only like her role in high society hope this with jaejoong will be the 2nd. Ah park si ho, everyone deserved a 2nd chance but soory not with a lead role

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