Lee Jun Ki Wanders the Picturesque Field for Marie Claire Korea

I know my beloved Lee Jun Ki is coming back to acting land soon when I start seeing new pictorials trickling out featuring his incomparable cheekbones and expressive eyes. His currently filming procedural K-drama adaptation of hit US show Criminal Minds is deep into filming and he looks amazing playing a law enforcement officer, bringing me right back to ten years ago when he was the multi-faceted undercover officer in Time Between Dog and Wolf. I love this photo spread, the clothes are fairly fugly but Jun Ki is positively smoking hot. I hope to the drama gods that Criminal Minds utilizes him to the max and gives him gripping crimes to investigate. I can’t handle more crappy narrative meltdown K-dramas where he ends up singlehandedly holding the sinking ship afloat.


Lee Jun Ki Wanders the Picturesque Field for Marie Claire Korea — 10 Comments

  1. Yass my oppa is back?????!!!!!come forth criminal minds korea, am so ready for you..You guys should see the photoshoot he has done with vogue with Son Hyun Joo..you will be blown away!Their charisma is just overflowing…

  2. I am excited for Criminal Minds especially having Moon Chae Won and Sohn Hyun Joo as his co-stars. These is one hell of stellar casting. I agree with Koala, the clothing are fugly but Lee Jun Ki being LJK could never looked bad and I again, agree with him having to pull a one-man show with his last two dramas. So, I am praying hard that the lady luck is finally on his side and CM will be both a critic and commercial success. My man deserves that badly. I still miss Wang So so much and I could not wait to have him back on my TV screen.

  3. Yay!!!! My Lee Jun Ki is back. I pray hard that the drama will be a great success both in term of quality and also rating. The production team is solid and so are the cast members. Hope the writer won’t screw up. I do not want to watch my fave actor having to carry another drama all on his own like he did in the past two. BTW, the clothing in the pictorial is damn ugly but LJK is smoldering.

  4. I miss him and wanting him to come back with a drama real soon. July is just a few weeks away and I am hoping that Criminal Minds will do justice with his talent. I appreciate that CM is flying below the radar with little hype and I have faith in the production team as well as the amazing casts. Drama better be good for my Jun Ki’s sake.

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